Biden turns 81 as voters show concern about age

President Joe Biden, turning 81, jokes about age but faces voter concerns over his fitness for reelection. Polls highlight worries despite similar issues with rival Donald Trump. The White House emphasizes Biden’s experience, but age remains a prominent issue in U.S. politics.

Trump would ‘arbitrarily’ inflate his net worth: former lawyer

Michael Cohen testified against Donald Trump in a business fraud case, accusing Trump of inflating asset values. Trump criticized Cohen’s credibility. The trial may result in penalties and removal from the family business. Cohen is a key witness in other cases against Trump.

Trump admonished by New York fraud trial judge over online post

During Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial, a New York judge imposed a limited gag order on him after he insulted a court clerk on social media, forbidding public comments about court staff. Trump faces multiple legal battles, including accusations of inflating asset values for loans and insurance.

Trump’s allegations at heart of Biden impeachment push

Republicans are attempting to impeach President Biden, claiming wrongdoing related to his son Hunter’s foreign business dealings.

However, there is limited evidence of Biden’s personal benefit compared to the previous impeachment of Trump.