Yishun café faces shutdown for lease violation as HDB unveils breach and lack of cooperation

“A Yishun café, Hood Vibes, which sold alcohol, has breached its lease and must close by 31 August. The café has faced allegations of being pub-like and has received noise complaints.

The HDB confirmed the lease violation, pointing out the lack of food service. After allegations of the tenant being uncooperative despite warnings, HDB issued a “notice to quit” to them.”

Café business temporarily closed after ‘negatively’ affected from Nee Soon GRC MP’s Facebook post

Hood Vibes Café in Yishun, Singapore, has reported a decline in business due to a Facebook post by Nee Soon GRC MP Derrick Goh who had expressed concerns about the café’s potential pub-like setup.

While the café owner clarified it holds an alcohol license and operates as a café, not a pub, residents complained about noise and cigarette smoke. Hood Vibes Café is now temporarily closed, as confirmed on Instagram.