WHO voices concern over fate of Gaza hospital chief

The World Health Organization on Friday voiced concern over the fate of the head of Gaza City’s Al-Shifa hospital, whom Israeli forces detained over the facility’s alleged use by Hamas.

Gaza’s al-Shifa Hospital struggles to save newborns amidst power shortages and ongoing Israeli-Hamas clashes

Staff at Gaza’s al-Shifa Hospital is in a critical battle to sustain newborns’ lives amidst ongoing Israel- Hamas clashes.

Tragically, six premature babies and nine intensive care patients have succumbed to oxygen deprivation due to fuel depletion affecting the hospital’s generator. Currently, over 60 patients are in intensive care, with 30 infants in the premature ward and over 500 patients in the dialysis department.

Palestinians say deadly strike hit Gaza hospital

Palestinians said Friday a deadly strike hit Gaza’s largest hospital compound as heavy fighting between Hamas and Israel has sent tens of thousands of civilians fleeing their homes.