BERSIH calls for probe into Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister’s alleged attempt to influence Pulai By-Election

BERSIH, a prominent Malaysian civil society group, has condemned Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi for allegedly trying to sway Pulai voters by linking a housing project’s approval to the Pakatan Harapan candidate’s victory in the ongoing by-election.

BERSIH is calling for an investigation into potential election law violations stemming from Zahid’s controversial remarks.

“Unacceptable”: BERSIH voices grave concern over DPM Zahid’s DNAA acquittal on corruption charges

In response to the recent development, the Coalition for Clean and Fair Election (BERSIH) expresses deep concern about the Discharge Not Amounting to Acquittal (DNAA) granted to Deputy Prime Minister Zahid on all 47 corruption charges involving millions from YAB.

They demand an explanation for this move despite a prima facie case and transparency on potential new charges.

BERSIH stressed that Malaysians are sick of seeing this correlation: Those who stay in power forever stay innocent, while those who lose power also lose their innocence.