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Renowned Malaysian Indian singer, Simon Mohan, passes away at 64

Beloved Malaysian Indian singer Simon Mohan, renowned for his 32-year career mastering Mandarin songs, passed away at 64. His enchanting melodies and acclaimed albums resonated locally and abroad, leaving an indelible mark on the Mandarin music scene.



KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA: Malaysian Indian singer Simon Mohan, a beloved figure in the country’s music scene, has passed away at the age of 64.

Mohan, who had previously suffered from a stroke, breathed his last on Tuesday (11 June), leaving behind a legacy that has deeply resonated with fans across generations.

With a career spanning an impressive 32 years, Mohan was celebrated for his mastery of singing Mandarin songs.

He enchanted audiences with numerous Chinese New Year melodies and released several acclaimed Mandarin albums, featuring iconic tracks like “The Wind Without a Hometown” (没有故乡的风) and “Late Autumn.” (晚秋)

Mohan’s wife was diagnosed with cancer in 2012, prompting him to set aside his singing career to care for her. Unfortunately, she succumbed to the illness in 2017.

On 25 June of the same year, Mohan performed at a charity concert hoping to contribute to cancer patients and the less fortunate through his influence as an artist.

Reports from Malaysian Chinese media indicate that Mohan’s passing came as a shock to many, with friends and colleagues in the music industry expressing their grief.

His remains have been transported back to his hometown in Ipoh, where a funeral service will be held at his residence in Gunung Rapat.

Close friends, such as Xie Guowen, reminisced about their bond with Mohan, recalling regular meetings that spanned years.

“Until last year,” Xie shared, “I noticed a decline in his health. He would often struggle with breathlessness while walking or talking.”

Xie Guowen noted that since Mohan’s wife’s passing in 2017, he had been living alone in Ipoh.

They used to exchange text messages every day, but Mohan ceased replying on 31 March.

Concerned, Xie Guowen learned about Mohan’s stroke and hospitalization through various channels, eventually contacting Mohan’s children.

“I visited him at the hospital. He was reluctant to inconvenience others, so only a select few close friends knew about his stroke.”

It’s reported that following his stroke, Mohan relocated to Kuala Lumpur to live with his children. He was hospitalized on the evening of 10 June due to sudden discomfort, and news of his passing emerged early on Tuesday.

Malaysian lyricist Lawrence Cheah highlighted Mohan’s selflessness and professionalism, citing a poignant example from a 2015 charity performance. Mohan persisted with rehearsals despite throat discomfort, showcasing his commitment to his craft.

Undeterred by obstacles, Mohan journeyed from his hometown to Kuala Lumpur, where he garnered unwavering support from the audience—a gesture that profoundly touched Lawrence Cheah.

Cheah was deeply moved by Mohan’s dedication and also praised his fluency in Mandarin, reflecting on their past interactions.

Mohan’s legacy extends beyond his musical prowess.

Hailing from Tualang, Perak, Mohan’s childhood experiences in a Chinese primary school laid the foundation for his fluency in Mandarin, Cantonese, and Hokkien.

His journey also took him to Taiwan, where he furthered his career, leaving behind a lasting impact on the Mandarin music scene both locally and abroad.

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