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Indonesian policewoman charged for setting husband ablaze over online gambling dispute

An Indonesian policewoman allegedly set her husband, also a police officer, on fire over his excessive online gambling habits. The husband suffered severe burns and tragically passed away. The policewoman has been apprehended and receiving psychological support.



Indonesian policewoman burns husband over online gambling, faces domestic violence charges
(photo is for illustrative purposes only/Polres Jombang)

INDONESIA: An Indonesian female police officer, identified as First Police Brigadier FN (28), allegedly set fire to her husband, also a police officer, over his recurrent expenditures on online gambling.

The incident occurred in the garage of their home located in the Mojokerto Police Dormitory, East Java, on Saturday (8 June).

The incident began when Brigadier FN became emotional after checking her husband’s, Brigadier RDW, account balance, which only had IDR 800,000 (US$50) remaining.

This was despite Brigadier RDW having recently received his 13th salary payment of IDR 2.8 million (US$172) from the government at the beginning of the month.

Head of Public Relations of the East Java Regional Police, Police Commissioner Dirmanto, revealed that the motive behind the arson was Brigadier FN’s frustration with her husband’s habitual gambling.

“The primary motive behind this incident is crucial to understand. Brigadier RDW consistently squandered family finances, essential for supporting their three children, on online gambling,” remarked Commissioner Dirmanto in Surabaya on Sunday (9 June).

The altercation started when Brigadier RDW returned home from his workplace at the Jombang Police Department.

Upon his arrival, Brigadier FN confronted him about his gambling habits.

The argument escalated, leading Brigadier FN to throw gasoline on her husband.

According to Commissioner Dirmanto, a nearby source of fire caused the gasoline to ignite, engulfing Brigadier RDW in flames.

Despite the intense situation, Brigadier FN attempted to save her husband by taking him to the hospital with the help of several neighbours.

Brigadier RDW was admitted to the ICU at Wahidin Sudiro Husodo Regional General Hospital in Mojokerto City with 96 per cent burns.

Tragically, he succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead on Sunday (9 June) at 12:55 pm.

Policewoman charged with domestic violence, receives psychological aid

Following the incident, Brigadier FN was named a suspect by the Youth, Children, and Women Unit of the General Criminal Investigation Directorate of the East Java Regional Police.

She has been charged under articles related to Domestic Violence (KDRT) and is currently in detention.

Commissioner Dirmanto stated, “At present, we are proceeding with the domestic violence charges. Nevertheless, investigators are also exploring the potential for additional charges.”

Brigadier FN is currently experiencing severe trauma and is receiving psychological assistance from the East Java Regional Police.

Commissioner Dirmanto highlighted, “The individual in question is currently dealing with profound trauma. ‘

“Efforts are underway to provide support and facilitate trauma healing under the auspices of the East Java Regional Police.”

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