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South Korea dominates Singapore in World Cup Qualifier at National Stadium with 7-0 score

South Korea delivered a football masterclass, thrashing Singapore 7-0 in a World Cup qualifier at the Singapore National Stadium, showcasing their dominance and advancing to the final round of qualification.



SINGAPORE – The excitement of a record crowd at the National Stadium quickly turned to disappointment as South Korea delivered a masterclass in football, defeating Singapore 7-0 in a FIFA World Cup qualifier on 6 June.

Ahead of the match, Singapore’s head coach Tsutomu Ogura had expressed confidence, citing his team’s resilience in previous outings, including a commendable 2-2 draw against China.

However, the class difference was evident as South Korea, ranked 132 places above Singapore in the FIFA world rankings, showcased their superiority from the onset.

The match saw South Korea’s stars shine brightly, with Son Heung-min and Lee Kang-in leading the onslaught.

Son demonstrated why he is regarded as one of the top footballers worldwide, contributing two goals to the tally.

Lee, the Paris Saint-Germain talent, opened the scoring with a stunning right-footed strike in the ninth minute, setting the tone for what was to become a long night for the Lions.

Singapore struggled defensively, and their brief moments of hope dwindled as South Korea capitalized on every opportunity.

The visitors effectively sealed the game in the second half, adding five more goals, with contributions from substitutes Hwang Hee-chan and Bae Jun-ho.

This victory secured South Korea’s top spot in Group C, advancing them to the final round of World Cup qualification.

Meanwhile, Singapore is set to finish last in the group, with one remaining match against Thailand on 11 June in Bangkok.

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Don’t expect them to beat the South Koreans but not even one goal? So are they getting the training and diet requirements needed. Do the players have to hold jobs or are they paid monthly by the FAS?

So sad for our SG team…unfair of FAS to pit them against a professional skorean team.
Must have been totally embarrassing for our boys…not entirely their fault.
I feel its time our stingy gov pay them well so that they dont need to have
a day job ..just play and train soccer 24/7 …professionally… or else sampeh tua lah!

Last edited 13 days ago by W.A.J.

Btw, why my name is Red. Did I say I wanna join Red Group. O overlords say so …

Well SG is very good at importing talents. No?!? The elites only need to skycam their talents everywhere and bring them in to score points. No?!? The Lee and cronies style.

The lies about SG going into SA WC 2010 now is MULTIPLIED 100 times AND the SPEAKER who said this OUGHT to Commit Harakiri IF he is That HONOURABLE, and Especially NOT to tell lies after Lies after Lies while in office to FOOL 1000s of STUPID FOOLS bought into their F and F (Fuck and Fake) Political FRAUDS. Is SG a Resilient Society BASED on PAP’s constant public lies. SG is GOING DOWN – many are quietly BEING BOILED when it’s so OBVIOUSLY annually 100s of 1000s of CHEAP 3rd World Trash welcomed into SG to be drivers, clerks,… Read more »

I mean, … seriously, did SillyPore, with a new coach and a full house cheering them on, .. expected anything different.

We’re talking about South Korea hor !!!

Now, they were expected to thrash SillyPore, … and that they did !!!

What is happening to once top ASEAN country Singapore in the 80s?

Who promised Singapore Worid Cup entry in the 90s and still happily collecting his pensions in Marine Parade while our football standard have gone down the drain worse ranking in ASEAN now?

Singapore best to quit overseas competitive football and just play friendly matches at home ground

Not unexpected….i felt most of the crowd stayed back to watch skorea playing…esp their star players..
They had the SG team for breakfast, lunch and dinner! No match!
Replacing the SG coach

Last edited 14 days ago by W.A.J.

It would not be realistic to expect a better outcome.