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Modi’s BJP loses majority in India election shock, seeks allies to form Govt

Following India’s six-week-long election, the BJP, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, faced unexpected setbacks, losing its national majority. With only 240 seats secured, far below the needed 272, the party requires coalition support for Modi’s third term.



Following India’s six-week-long election, where most of the 640 million votes have been counted, the world’s largest democratic exercise has unveiled some notable surprises.

In an unexpected twist, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has experienced substantial setbacks in crucial states, resulting in the loss of its national majority. This occurrence signifies a remarkable transformation in the political terrain, one that the BJP has commanded for the last decade.

The BJP’s projected seat count falls significantly short of the majority threshold, with over 60 seats lost in the election.

With only 240 seats expected from the staggered, six-week election, far below the required 272, the party will likely need support from other parties in the coalition for Modi’s third five-year term. The opposition INDIA alliance, led by the Indian National Congress party, has won 222 seats.

The setback for the BJP comes after the party’s ambitious goal of winning over 400 seats, a plan aimed at enacting constitutional changes that will allow the passage from a secular republic toward a Hindu state. The unexpected results have been characterized as a stunning blow for Modi, who had hoped for a landslide victory.

These numbers contrast sharply with 2019 results when the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) won 353 seats, 303 of which were bagged by the BJP alone.

Nevertheless, Modi claimed victory for his alliance, the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), stating that it would form the government for the third consecutive time. He expressed gratitude to Indian voters for their faith in his party and the coalition alliance, referring to it as a victory for the world’s largest democracy.

While Modi pledges to continue advancing his agenda, focusing on economic growth, defence production, job creation, and support for farmers, the opposition sees the election outcome as a moral and political loss for the prime minister. Mallikarjun Kharge, President of the Congress party, described it as a victory for democracy.

Modi’s tenure has been marked by a transformation of India’s political landscape, bringing Hindu nationalism into the mainstream while facing criticism for breeding intolerance and exacerbating economic inequality.

Exit polls had projected a sweeping victory for the NDA, but the actual results have fallen short of expectations. Indian markets reacted sharply to the news, closing with significant losses.

The election has underscored the importance of economic issues for many voters, with concerns about joblessness and poverty at the forefront of public discourse. While Modi’s popularity remains high, the BJP’s reliance on his personal brand has raised questions about the party’s long-term strategy.

Critics argue that Modi’s government has stifled dissent and undermined democratic institutions while failing to address underlying economic challenges. The opposition has campaigned on issues of joblessness, inflation, and inequality, presenting a formidable challenge to Modi’s Hindu nationalist agenda.

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When will the 70% or so SGs wake up too…b4 its too late.
Most asian countries controlled by “tyrants”..
Its a very lucrative job…control all the people..all ctry’s assets and most impt of all, all the money…the citizens are thrown the crumbs from their dinning table..

Last edited 15 days ago by W.A.J.

Hats off to the Indians. They have just voted in to remain a secular State against a Hindu State at National level. They have taken control of their country by removing the power of the ruling party to legislate laws as they deem fit in Parliament. They have saved their country from a tyrant. We, Singaporeans are a shame to the global free world when we keep voting in the ruling party and allow them to legislate laws as they deem fit with no gain to the Public.Tharman, signing the legislation benefitting himself says it all. Why do we keep… Read more »

Slowly around the world the people are standing up to rid the pests that rule them. Why can’t that change come about here?

As one established UK paper cites, … “For over two decades, Modi always had a very large majority to carry out his agenda without consultation ……..”.

Sound eerily familiar don’t it.

“A new political dawn in India”, … as quoted by many tabloids around the world, and all made only possible by the people of India.