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Malaysian woman’s horrifying bus ride sparks outcry and legal advice from netizens

A Malaysian woman shared her horrifying experience of being dragged by a bus in Shah Alam, garnering widespread sympathy. Many netizens offered legal advice, urging her to seek justice and compensation for her injuries.



Malaysian Woman's Horrifying Bus Ride Ends in Injury

MALAYSIA: A Malaysian woman, Nurul, shared her horrifying experience on a bus ride from Johor Bahru to Shah Alam, detailing the incident on her X account on Tuesday (4 June).

The event occurred on Sunday (2 June) around 9:30 pm.

Upon arriving in Shah Alam, Nurul went to retrieve her luggage from the storage space at the bottom of the bus.

However, while she was inside the compartment attempting to get her bags, the storage door suddenly closed on her calf.

To her horror, the driver then drove off, unaware that she was partially trapped.

“The door suddenly closed, and I was still inside, but my foot was outside the door,” she recounted.

“After the door closed, the bus drove away. My foot was dragged along the road. I screamed for help, but no one heard.”

Nurul described the excruciating pain she endured as her calf was stuck in the door and her feet rubbed against the road.

Driver stops after five minutes

Nurul said that she was unsure how long she had been dragged but estimated it to be around five minutes.

During this time, she managed to call her parents for help.

The driver eventually noticed something hanging out of the storage space from the bus’s side mirror and stopped the bus.

“Maybe around five minutes later, the driver stopped by the side of the road and let me out,” Nurul explained.

She also mentioned that the driver yelled at her, asking why she hadn’t asked him to retrieve her bag.

Despite the initial confrontation, the driver took her to a clinic to receive medical attention.

Nurul questioned whether she could claim insurance for her injuries and noted that her uncle had already filed a police report regarding the incident.

Outpouring of support and legal advice

Nurul’s harrowing ordeal during a bus ride from Johor Bahru to Shah Alam has captured the attention of netizens, with her post garnering a staggering 1.1 million views since its upload.

Many express sympathy for her, unable to fathom the agony she endured.

One netizen remarked on their anger and inability to fathom the pain Nurul endured, highlighting the horror of her legs being dragged and her screams going unheard.

Legal advice poured in from concerned netizens.

Suggestions ranged from seeking counsel to initiating legal action against the driver and the company responsible for the bus.

One suggested she consult a lawyer to consider a negligence case against the driver and the bus company.

Another netizen recommended a proactive approach, advising Nurul to email the bus company with all supporting evidence, including the police report.

They suggested persistent follow-ups and seeking compensation for ongoing medical treatment, acknowledging the prolonged recovery ahead.

Additional advice included making a claim for damages covering medical treatment, missed workdays, pain and suffering.

This commenter also recommended pursuing a negligence case against the bus driver through legal channels.

“It’s scary to get stuck and dragged by a bus like that. Lucky not to be seriously injured,” they added.

In response to Nurul’s post, the Malaysian Land Public Transport Agency advised her to report the incident through the contact given.

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