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Australian national charged in Tampines armed robbery

Jose Manuel Pacheco, a 39-year-old Australian, has been charged with armed robbery after threatening a victim at knifepoint in Tampines. He was granted bail of S$20,000.



A 39-year-old Australian national, Jose Manuel Pacheco, has been charged with armed robbery on Tuesday (4 June) after an incident at a licensed moneylender in Tampines.

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) reported that the arrest took place along Tampines Central 1 around 2:10 PM on Monday (3 June).

According to the SPF, Pacheco was masked and wore a cap during the robbery, threatening a victim at knifepoint to hand over cash.

He demanded that the victim place S$6,095 (approximately US$4,500) into a bag. The quick-thinking victim provided a detailed description of Pacheco’s attire and appearance to the police while preparing the money, which greatly assisted the officers in swiftly identifying the suspect upon their arrival at the scene.

Within just half an hour of the crime, the police had apprehended Pacheco, matching the victim’s description. “The stolen cash was recovered in full, along with the knife used in the commission of the offence,” the SPF stated in their release.

Assistant Commissioner of Police and Commander of Bedok Police Division, Justin Wong, praised the rapid arrest. “The detailed description provided by the victim was vital in the swift arrest,” he said. “Credit goes to the responding officers for their keen observation skills and good ground knowledge.”

After being charged in court, Pacheco was granted bail set at S$20,000. He faces a jail term of three to 14 years and at least 12 strokes of the cane if convicted.

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That name does not sound “Caucasian.”

With so many different types of people flooding into Australia in the last 20 years. What “kind” of Australian is he again?

Prosecution only knows how to take down LHY and family. Armed robbery, how was bail offered? Negotiation with his lawyers just like all the many fugitives and money launderers?

Wow! A foreigner armed robbery still can be granted bail with a lowball amount $20k.

Singapore really the in-place for all sort of criminals, from big time money launderers to fugitives etc. Because they know they’re well taken care of if got caught.

Last edited 8 days ago by Singapore Fooled Again n Again

Lets see. Armed robbery surely have cane so being a foreign national, let’s see if he’s given the double standard treatment. This will determine the one state 2 system theory.