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Singaporean’s fundraising campaign for helper’s daughter ends in heartbreak

A Singaporean woman raised over one million pesos (S$23,072) to aid her helper’s daughter, Angel, diagnosed with an aneurysm. Sadly, Angel passed away. Proceeds will now cover her funeral expenses and medical bills.



Singapore woman raised S$23,000 for helper’s daughter diagnosed with aneurysm

SINGAPORE: Singaporean woman Andreana Tay successfully raised over one million Philippine pesos (approximately S$23,072) to support her domestic helper, whose daughter was recently diagnosed with an aneurysm.

However, in a somber update, it was announced that the helper’s daughter had passed away.

An aneurysm, a severe medical condition involving a bulging blood vessel, can be life-threatening if it bursts.

The urgent medical needs of her helper’s daughter prompted Ms Tay to launch a fundraising campaign to cover the extensive medical expenses.

Ms Tay took to social media on Sunday (2 June) to share the plight of her helper of 11 years, Joanalyn Costales.

Joanalyn, affectionately called “kakak” by Ms Tay, had to take an emergency flight back to the Philippines after her daughter, Angel, was diagnosed with an aneurysm.

Ms Tay described Joanalyn as a dedicated caregiver who has looked after her family, including her autistic sister, for over a decade.

She expressed a deep bond with Angel, stating, “She is like a younger sister to me.”

Angel, a 20-year-old nursing student, experienced severe headaches, vomiting, and eventually fainted before being diagnosed with the aneurysm.

She was in a coma and required extensive medical treatment, creating a significant financial burden for her family.

Fundraising efforts

Faced with mounting medical expenses, Ms Tay launched a fundraising campaign to cover Angel’s treatment costs.

“The financial burden of medical expenses is overwhelming,” Ms Tay shared.

“In an effort to alleviate some of this financial strain, we have launched a fundraising campaign to raise funds for her daughter’s medical bills.”

The daily hospital charges for Angel amount to 30,000 pesos (S$700).

Ms Tay set up a crowdfunding page on Give.Asia with the goal of raising one million pesos (S$23,072).

Ms Tay fervently appealed to the public for support, and thanks to the generosity of donors, the campaign successfully surpassed its initial fundraising goal, accumulating 1.45 million pesos (S$33,487).

However, Ms Tay shared a sombre update, conveying the heartbreaking news of Angel’s passing.

Despite the efforts to raise funds for her medical expenses, Angel tragically succumbed to her condition.

She shared that while her helper Ms. Joanalyn reached the Philippines, unfortunately, her daughter had to be taken off life support.

“Sadly, the doctor says that there isn’t any way of helping her anymore,” Ms Tay lamented emotionally over the loss of Angel.

Ms Tay expressed gratitude to all donors for their contributions and announced that the proceeds would now be directed towards Angel’s funeral expenses and outstanding medical bills incurred during her treatment.

Amidst this sorrowful turn of events, Ms. Tay implored everyone to remember Angel in their prayers as she finds solace in the heavens. She again thanks all the supporters who donated to Angel.

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