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Disruption of service along North-South Line due to traction power fault

SMRT has reported a service disruption on the North-South Line due to a traction power fault, affecting Yew Tee to Woodlands. Commuters are advised to use the Thomson-East Coast Line.



Photo: @BPSplatoon/X

On Monday (3 June) late afternoon, SMRT Corporation reported a disruption in train services along the North-South Line (NSL) due to a traction power fault, affecting travel between Yew Tee and Woodlands stations.

The incident, which began around 5:50 PM, necessitated the closure of train services in both directions between these stations.

Commuters traveling along this route are advised to seek alternative transportation as the service disruption is expected to impact the evening commute heavily.

In response to the fault, SMRT has activated free regular and bridging bus services running between Choa Chu Kang and Woodlands to accommodate the affected passengers. These buses are available at no charge to ensure minimal disruption to travel plans.

Additionally, passengers are encouraged to use the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) as an alternative route to navigate around the affected area.

According to SMRT, it has made continuous announcements across its network to keep commuters informed and to assist them in adjusting their travel arrangements promptly.

It also noted that its engineers are currently on-site addressing the fault, and efforts are underway to restore services as swiftly as possible.

The company has issued an apology for the inconvenience caused and urges commuters to stay updated through official SMRT channels for the latest service announcements.

As the evening progresses, commuters are reminded to plan extra time for their journeys and to check SMRT updates regularly.

An evening update from SMRT noted that service was progressively resumed at 8 PM and attributed the disruption to a lightning strike that caused traction power to trip.

“Preliminary investigations found a small fire involving a power control box located about 20 metres from the Kranji station platform. There were no reported injuries, and the cause of the fire is under investigation.”

A video was circulated showing the scene of the aftermath following the service disruption, where people crowded to board the bridging service provided by SMRT.

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SMRT so quick to blame nature (lightning) that causes a fire at power control box.
How come after a few days now say its due to traction power fault.

Looking at those pictures of massive crowd overflowing to the road while waiting for buses to ferry them to other MRT stations not affected by the breakdown, it’s so pitiful. After a day’s hard work still have to face thousands and thousands of stuck commuters to squeeze into limited buses. Who will be paying for all those massive breakdown costs? From non functioning MRT to recovery ferry buses? Eventually it will be the commuters. While the top management enjoying their huge pay cheques while sitting at the comfy of their opulent office not affected a bit as we know one… Read more »

Last edited 8 days ago by Singapore Fooled Again n Again

SillyPoreans, as pissed off as they are with MRT interruptions, … have accepted that such inconveniences and interruptions are part and parcel of having the bestestest government in the world !!!



Already the trains system is matured and wise. How can it still be sick once in a while. Obviously in SG the system’s caregivers are corrupted – the trains, the equipment, wear and tear, ya hor.

Why there’s NO WEAR and TEAR in the PAP?

oh no. shoes running away? tsk tsk tsk

I fervently hope that the HST is NEVER revived. We just can’t afford to waste the space/land. The economic “benefits” are limited and frankly questionable.

Cleopatra said “maybe cheapo cable ties can work to prevent more MRT breakdowns. But on the other hand, I’m more in favour of focusing on retail spaces because rentals just flow in easily. And the earnings will also flow into the salaries and bonuses for top managements and dividends for shareholders. We all happy happy”

Last edited 8 days ago by Singapore Fooled Again n Again