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Decomposed body of Indonesian drug dealer discovered in resident’s water tank

Residents of South Tangerang City in Java were shocked by the discovery of a decomposing body in a water tank, later identified as that of a local drug dealer. The gruesome find was made following complaints about foul-smelling water, prompting a police investigation.



INDONESIA: Residents of Gang Samid Sian, Pondok Aren, South Tangerang City in Java, were horrified by the discovery of a rotting body in a water tank on Monday (27 May).

The shocking find was made by Sutrisno, 46, a resident, who initially noticed a foul smell and cloudy water in his house.

Sutrisno, the owner of the house where the water tank is located, described his initial reaction to the strange odour.

He first noticed the bad smell on Sunday (26 May) and assumed it was due to a lizard carcass.

However, the smell persisted for days, prompting Sutrisno to investigate further.

Upon checking the water tank, Sutrisno observed green flies around it, which heightened his suspicion.

“I checked first, I went upstairs. Well, before opening, there were green flies around it. When I opened it (the water tank), turns out this wasn’t the (lizard) carcass I expected. It was as big as a pillow,” he recounted.

Realizing it was not an animal, Sutrisno immediately informed his father.

Together, they confirmed it was a human body.

“My father opened it and said, ‘This is a dead person.’ I was immediately shocked. There were tattoos and visible ears and hair,” Sutrisno explained.

The family had been using the contaminated water for bathing, brushing teeth, and washing clothes for two days.

The incident quickly spread on social media after a user shared a WhatsApp screenshot about the discovery.

The message read, “A wanted man was hiding in my neighbor’s water tank. He was dead. When they were performing ablution, the water stank. When they checked the water tank, it turned out to be a dead body.”

A video of the evacuation of the body also circulated on social media.

Body found in water tank identified as local drug dealer

The body found in a water tank has been identified as Devi Karmawan, 27, a local resident and known drug dealer.

Pondok Aren Police Chief Commissioner Bambang Askar Sodiq confirmed Devi’s involvement in distributing crystal methamphetamine, which was supplied from within a correctional institution.

Initially, the identity of the decomposed body was unrecognizable, but it was later confirmed through distinctive tattoos.

“When the body was found on Monday, we responded immediately. The evacuation process took three hours, and we transported the body to the National Police Hospital. That night, the family identified the body through identical tattoos on the back,” said Commissioner Sodiq on Wednesday (29 May)

An autopsy revealed that Devi had consumed crystal methamphetamine before his death.

The results showed no signs of violence, but algae were found in his lungs, indicating that he was still alive when he entered the water tank.

The discovery of Devi’s body was linked to a recent arrest of a drug courier, identified as AA.

Police found AA in possession of 1.16 grams of methamphetamine.

Commissioner Sodiq explained that AA was a courier for Devi, transporting methamphetamine from Cengkareng, West Jakarta.

“AA served as a pick-up and delivery person for Devi. He transported methamphetamine from an unknown supplier in Cengkareng,” said Commissioner Sodiq.

It is suspected that Devi knew about AA’s arrest, prompting him to hide in a neighbour’s water tank.

Commissioner Sodiq stated that Devi likely died from running out of breath while hiding in the water tank.

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