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Arrest made in Marsiling traffic chaos, driver faces multiple charges

A 36-year-old man was arrested for rash conduct, possession of offensive and scheduled weapons, and suspected drug-related offenses. He faces 11 new charges, including driving without a license and endangering human life.



SINGAPORE: A 36-year-old man has been arrested by the police for his alleged involvement in a series of serious offenses including rash conduct, possession of offensive weapons, possession of scheduled weapons, and suspected drug-related crimes.

The suspect, Muhammad Idris Musbah, 36, who tested positive for drugs upon his arrest on 28 May, has been hit with 11 new charges.

Among these charges are accusations of driving without a valid license, using a deregistered vehicle, and endangering human life by attempting to forcefully maneuver his car out of traffic in Marsiling on 28 May, leading to a collision with a lorry.

Idris, who is currently remanded in prison, also faces charges of carrying weapons in public on the same day, including a knife and a black knuckle duster.

Additionally, he faces four drug-related charges and four charges for being a member of an unlawful society.

According to court records reported by The Straits Times, Idris had previously faced charges in September 2020 for being armed with a knife during an unlawful assembly.

Despite this, on 30 May, he stated in court that he would not plead guilty to the charges against him.

Idris’s encounter with law enforcement came to public attention through viral videos of the 28 May incident, where a dark-colored car attempted to forcefully navigate through stationary traffic, resulting in collisions with a lorry and another car.

The videos depict police officers forcibly removing Idris from the vehicle and subduing him.

Further complicating matters, a woman whose car shares the same license plate number as the vehicle Idris was driving in the videos reported receiving letters for various traffic offenses she did not commit, including speeding and parking violations.

In a twist to the story, Mr Maurice Nadarajan, a salesman at A Star Motor, the dealership where the woman purchased her car, was identified as the individual seen confronting the car in the viral videos.

He had trailed the vehicle for 40 minutes in an attempt to stop it, sustaining injuries during the altercation.

On 28 May, at approximately 5:50 pm, the police received a call for assistance at the junction of Admiralty Road and Marsiling Lane.

Subsequently, they arrested Idris at the scene.

It was later revealed that he was wanted by both the police and the Central Narcotics Bureau for multiple offenses.

During the arrest, law enforcement officials seized a baton, a knuckle duster, a pocket knife, a bank card, seven cash cards, substances believed to be controlled drugs, and drug paraphernalia from Idris’s vehicle.

Investigations are ongoing, and Idris may face additional charges as the case progresses.

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Surely being able to “clone” a vehicle is an act any “petty” drug dealer or drug mule can do.

It definitely does not require the involvement of others, perhaps linked to a criminal organisation where the hierarchy can be traced up to a boss that could be investigated, arrested and charged with various crimes.

Yes, what a far-fetched theory to think that organised crime could exist in a country with an economy as wealthy as Singapore. Where restrictions and bans on a wide-array of goods inadvertently creates a large informal / black market that is exploitable and profitable.

Last edited 12 days ago by Blankslate

All this while the Yishun Minister is enjoying a Maharaja ‘s life. How did the drugs enter Singapore?