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Twelve injured as turbulence hits Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Dublin

Twelve injured after Qatar Airways flight QR107 from Doha to Dublin hit turbulence over Turkey on Sunday. Six passengers and six crew members affected; eight hospitalized. The flight landed safely, and operations at Dublin Airport were unaffected.



Twelve individuals were injured during a Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Dublin this Sunday after the aircraft encountered severe turbulence.

Flight QR107, while travelling over Turkey, was shaken by unexpected turbulence, causing injuries to six passengers and six crew members aboard.

The Airbus A350, carrying 217 passengers and a crew of 16, landed safely at Dublin Airport just before 1 p.m. local time.

Emergency response teams, including airport police and the fire and rescue department, were promptly at the scene as the aircraft touched down. The swift action facilitated the immediate assessment and aid of those affected.

Following a thorough evaluation on the tarmac, eight of the twelve injured were deemed to need hospital care and were transported for further medical treatment. The nature of the injuries, primarily reported as bruises and sprains, indicated the severity of the turbulence encountered during the flight.

Dublin Airport’s statement on the matter assured the public that despite the emergency, the airport’s operations remained unaffected. The airport’s social media channels were updated regularly to keep the public informed. “Flight operations at Dublin Airport were unaffected and continue as normal this afternoon,” the airport stated, emphasizing a commitment to safety and continuity.

Meanwhile, the planned return flight to Doha, QR018, experienced a delay but was confirmed to proceed later in the afternoon. Qatar Airways, addressing the media, confirmed the safe landing of the flight in Dublin and noted that those injured were receiving necessary medical attention. The airline has initiated an internal investigation to further understand the dynamics of the incident and possibly prevent future occurrences.

“The safety and security of our passengers and crew are our top priority,” reiterated a spokesperson from Qatar Airways, highlighting the airline’s focus on stringent safety protocols.

This turbulence incident comes just days after another severe event impacted a Singapore Airlines flight from London to Singapore, where a sudden drop in altitude resulted in numerous injuries and a fatality due to a heart condition among the passengers.

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Another day, another Boeing Aeroplane suffers a “mishap.”

Very soon all airplane passengers must put on helmets and wear jumpsuits filled with sponges inside, and also to fasten seatbelts at all time….lol.
If going to toilet, they must also walk along the aisle holding onto the handles installed on all seat backrests, just like in a bus. Inside the toilet, must also fasten safety belt while relieving….lol.
This will be the future of flying.

Was wondering …. Do turbulence affect birds or only planes?

Turbulence happens all the time lah.
It’s the News Channels making a meal out of everything.
It’s sensational news reporting, since the Wars are becoming stale.

Air experts have warned the possibility of more and severe unpredictable air turbulences due to severe climate change causing errantic climate. They have also predicted lesser air traffic in the future because of errantic climate and mass production of airplanes that sacrificed safety quality.

Looks like Al Thani’s ass is on Fire!!! Hahaha.

You cannot control climatic changes. So you have to develop “protective gear,” for the plane and passengers. The inside of planes should be built with materials that cause the least casualties. This is where the research should be heading. It will be unwise to keep buying planes with the same kind of materials as now. SIA should not be giving out 8 months bonus to its staff. The monies should be going into Research and Development. The ruling party should stop dishing out taxpayers’ monies on this but act as a regulator to, “force,” SIA to set aside their profits… Read more »

Many many moons ago, there was famed fabled 40 days and nights of floods. Was that sort of a Climate Change in Noahs mind when he could be possibly was thinking, ‘I’d nvr have had to have imagined a long long flood since the day I was borned, God changed the climate?’

Next to join mimicking SIA will be Emirates.

They will say ” See, no fatality but few light injuries. We handled
better than SIA”.

Showing off their one-upmanship.

Quite normal

Qatar Airways mimicking SIA.
Seeking publicity and attention.
What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

Ominous indeed.

Especially when you consider the saying or old wives tales or superstition, that, … most “things” come in threes !!!

Ominous indeed !!!

One is surely not blind to read many articles, news, pieces on PAP Administration shout outs efforts, actions on climate, carbon emissions, sustainability efforts, waste reduction, recycling efforts. Yeah many recycling bins everywhere – what does it do, trash bins? What actually is this all about translating to sheeps super understanding. I don’t seem to be able to read about their comprehensive strategy, if any, what are they doing to reduce, road clogging, reduce air pollution, planting of trees and shrubs, development of a better national system that is to reduce destruction of nature by Singaporeans, and so on. The… Read more »

Maybe the passengers have to wear helmets as protective gear when traveling.