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Three otters create stir at People’s Park Centre, removed safely by NParks

Chinatown’s People’s Park Centre was thrown into chaos as three otters wandered in, documented by TikTok user. NParks swiftly intervened, relocating the otters after they were contained in a travel agency office, where they defecated and urinated, causing further disruption.



Three Otters Create Stir at People's Park Centre, Removed Safely by NParks

SINGAPORE: Three wet otters were spotted entering and wandering around People’s Park Centre in Chinatown, causing quite a commotion at around 4 pm on Monday (20 May).

TikTok user @kekjoonkee captured the surprise visit of these four-legged creatures in a video that quickly gained attention online.

Since its upload, the video has garnered more than 70,000 views on TikTok.


今天牛车水有3只水獭到珍珠大厦庆祝520🎉🎊 At least 3 otters window shopping in Chinatown today. my

♬ original sound – Kek Joon-Kee – Kek Joon-Kee

In the video, the otters can be seen exploring the mall together, stopping by various shops, including an Erawan shrine shop and a travel agency.

An employee of the shrine shop told Shin Min Daily News that he had been away when the otters entered the store.

Upon returning, he found the store wet with many animal paw prints, leaving him confused.

The otters locked in a travel agency office

A Shin Min Daily News reporter who rushed to the scene found the otters inside the travel agency office.

An agency staff member reported that customers present at the time ran out when the otters wandered in.

After the otters entered an office room, a member of the public closed the door, preventing them from wandering further.

Once contained, the otters began defecating and urinating, further complicating the situation, with documents strewn about and stained with excrement.

Police officers and mall management staff soon arrived at the scene.

A store assistant from a nearby shop said he initially thought a fight or dispute had occurred.

The appearance of the otters attracted a large number of people who attempted to take photos of them.

The situation persisted for about two hours before personnel from the National Parks Board (NParks) arrived.

NParks relocates the otters

When personnel from the National Parks Board (NParks) arrived, they requested the travel agency staff to clear out to facilitate the removal of the otters.

It took approximately 30 minutes for the NParks officers to capture and remove the animals.

Speaking to MS News, NParks confirmed that their officers, along with building management staff, safely relocated the three otters to a nearby waterway.

NParks emphasized that their method for managing otters integrates both scientific approaches and community involvement.

NParks, in collaboration with the Otter Working Group and otter watchers, consistently monitors the otter population to gain insights into their numbers, distribution, and movement.

They also take proactive measures to prevent or resolve conflicts whenever possible.

NParks advised the public to maintain a safe distance from otters and to refrain from feeding, touching, chasing, cornering, or approaching them.

They assured that otters typically do not attack humans unless they feel threatened.

For assistance related to otter sightings, the public can contact NParks or call the Animal Response Centre helpline at 1800-476-1600.

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These 2 Otter families have brought about Great Comfort for Singaporeans.
It is a pleasure. Please keep these Otter pictures & videos coming. .
It’s more fun to see then PAP ministers rambling.

Raise them in the ISTANA good companions for our plesLEEdent

I have seen a lone Otter roaming around a HDB carpark far from Jurong Lake.

After calling the NParks hotline, the person on the phone informed me that the Otter was in its “natural habitat.” Likely a Canned response.

Perhaps People’s Park should be renamed to Otter’s Park. Then the humans will feel at ease when they see an Otter roaming around.

Stop building and building. The plans for more BTOs in Turf Club and other areas must be shelved. In certain areas, residents are harassed by monkeys. Pythons are also showing up . The signs are all there, telling us that we must change course but the PAP ruling party is still playing out it’s 2013 white paper policy of increase in population. Air travel will also be affected because of global warming. The recent SIA accident is proof. Delay the building of the 5th Airport Terminal until the effects of the climatic change becomes clearer.

They came..they saw…they conquered🤣🙂( left theor pee & poo for humans to clean up🤘).

We have wild boar, wild chicken and wild otter. What we need next is wild rabbit. We should import some from Australia. They will help keep the grass short and reduce the need for employing foreign talent grasscutters.

Otters here have no natural predators and they multiple fast. It’s a disaster to have them destroying our coaster, rivers and even expensive ornamental fishes and upsetting the ecosystem.

For those who admire and advocate having them around, please keep a few at their home and see what hell going to happen to them. Their teeth are super sharp

Last edited 18 days ago by Singapore Fooled Again n Again

PAP is talking about climate change and it protection, but they cut down jungle to BTO for their beloved foreigners!

Wild animals are now without their habitats. It is the case of “you destroyed by places, I take yours”.

Over development and clearing of animals habitats left these loving creatures no choice but wander into SG ‘s suburbs for food and “recreation”.So sad to witness such unusual things do happen in our once Sunny Singapore.

Singapore PAP government National treasure

, …… they were reminded that “no one will be left behind” by their “government” and so they came, … for their vouchers and chicken wings !!!

hungry lah….. 9% GST increase lah…how to afford food. LOL