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Temporary closure disrupts Downtown Line, commuters face delays

Commuters on the Downtown Line experienced disruptions this morning between Fort Canning and Mattar Stations. SBS Transit provided free bus services and advised using alternative routes. Full service resumed at 8:01 AM, but delays continued.



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Commuters on the Downtown Line faced significant disruptions this morning as train services between Fort Canning and Mattar Stations were temporarily suspended due to an unspecified issue.

SBS Transit, the operator of the Downtown Line, alerted the public to the closure early today and implemented several alternative transportation measures to mitigate the inconvenience.

The service interruption was first announced at 6:17 AM via social media by SBS Transit. Commuters needing access to key stations such as Macpherson and Bugis were advised to use the East-West Line (Green). For instance, to reach Macpherson, passengers were directed to travel to EW8 Paya Lebar on the East-West Line and then transfer to the Circle Line (Yellow) to CC10 MacPherson. Similarly, to get to Bugis, commuters could use the East-West Line directly to EW12 or switch lines at Paya Lebar.

To accommodate passengers affected by the disruption, SBS Transit arranged free regular and bridging bus services between Chinatown and Bedok North Stations. A shuttle train service also operated between MacPherson and Bedok North to help ease the commute for those traveling along the affected route.

Progress towards resuming normal service was made by 7:35 AM, as SBS Transit reported that full service on the Downtown Line had started to resume progressively since 7:26 AM.

However, they warned that stations might still experience crowding and that delays could be expected. Service was fully restored by 8:01 AM, but the operator continued to offer free bus services and advised passengers to expect some ongoing delays.

SBS Transit extended their apologies for the inconvenience caused by the disruption. Commuters were encouraged to check for real-time updates and consider alternative routes as the situation stabilized.

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I read on another news site…rptd that a fire broke out on a trolley car holding maintenance supplies ….had to wait for the tracks and trolley to cool down b4 trains could run….
Oh dearie me😱
thank goodness no one hurt.

An underground line sheltered from the elements yet, it can somehow close “temporarily” during rush hour. What a coincidence!

What was the $20 billion of construction costs spent on?

SMRT can fire experienced maintenance staff when they are paid too much. But when will they fire all of upper management for the same reason? How much is the CEO paid again? Will there be an investigation with findings released to the public? Yes? No?

70% Cotton Sheep are perfectly fine with this continuing.

Last edited 18 days ago by Blankslate

What mumbojumbo BS explanation will be given to just COVER THE ARSE????

So breakdown is now called temporary closure. That means in future we won’t see any train breakdown again right?

Must be some highly paid scholar’s idea of using wordings that’s less damaging

See, breakdown again. If vote for opposition no such thing will happen. You will get a minister that draw low pay and step down to be responsible.

A small island with so many lines, the like of all kinda people roaming the streets like refugees, rotting under the sun, importing all kinda diseases and ill manner… they call this a melting pot, indeed. Bad lucks continue to surface after the regime change, or did it?

SMRT was privatised. Own by Temasek. That’s how they relieved its importance of national assets, services. So howdy sheeps?

Everyone sit up. Think SLOWLY. Think DEEPLY. THINK CALMLY.

THIS PAP Administration is GETTING SG, our Country UNHINGED. They do NOT ownself unhinge ownself.

All Singaoreans ARE UNHINGED gradually. We are cooked to deaths by them very very slowly, almost UNSEEN.

Chicken wings are one of their tools to deunhinged.

Unspecified issue?
Theyre still investigating i guess…or not allowed to say??
A breakdown at the worst time of day too.

What is abnormal. Abnormal means everything works. When everything is working, this is abnormal. Normal means expects frequent malfunctions and disorders.

Bcz of F trash numbers shooting up to reach the sky that contributes to populations seams stretch and break, infrastructures untenable, what to expect?

Singaporeans too used to ‘abnormality’ types the days one see during KY times.

Acknowledge the new normal then can one understands what this PAP is up to.

Hallelujah, … the MRT wouldn’t be MRT, without a breakdown !!!

Relieved, … that MRT hadn’t disappointed my expectations of it !!!