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Singaporean students win F1 internship with Oracle Red Bull Racing in the UK

Charis Chua and Heng Yi-Hsin, two standout talents from NTU, have won the Red Bull Intern Championship, earning a two-month internship at Oracle Red Bull Racing HQ in the UK. This opportunity was personally announced by F1 star Max Verstappen.



SINGAPORE – Charis Chua and Heng Yi-Hsin, two standout talents from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), have clinched the prestigious Red Bull Intern Championship. Their reward? A once-in-a-lifetime two-month internship at the Oracle Red Bull Racing headquarters in Milton Keynes, UK, personally announced by F1 superstar Max Verstappen.

The Red Bull Intern Championship, spearheaded by Red Bull’s Singapore distributor, Pokka Pte. Ltd., was designed to identify and nurture future talents in the fast-paced world of Formula One.

Entrants were required to submit detailed CVs and cover letters, which were evaluated for their alignment with the dynamic and high-energy Red Bull culture.

The next phase involved a comprehensive personality evaluation through the Red Bull Wingfinder assessment, a tool designed to unearth the candidates’ innate strengths and potential for growth.

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Showcasing Creativity and Skill

As the competition intensified, the remaining candidates were challenged to create short videos that expressed their personalities and enthusiasm for F1.

These videos were crucial in demonstrating their creative abilities and their fit with the dynamic culture of Red Bull Racing. Following the video submissions, the candidates engaged in virtual interviews where they discussed their aspirations, vision for the future, and how they could contribute to the fast-paced environment of an F1 team.

The final stage was a rigorous case study challenge tailored to the specific internship roles. Candidates had to solve real-world problems that could arise in the high-stakes world of Formula One, demonstrating their problem-solving skills and strategic thinking.

Meet the Champions

Charis Chua, majoring in Public Relations at NTU, won the Hospitality and Events Internship category. Her submission included a detailed case study that highlighted her ability to engage effectively with diverse audiences—a key attribute for anyone looking to excel in the glamorous, high-pressure world of Formula One events.

““The passion of everyone involved in the sport really drew me in and I made a promise to myself that I would put in the work to be part of it one day. When this [Red Bull Intern Championship] competition was announced, I knew this was the opportunity of a lifetime I had been waiting for, but winning it wouldn’t be easy. I think I was visibly shaking when I received the winners’ email. ” Charis recalled.

“This internship is an invaluable experience I’m very grateful to have received, and I can’t wait to embark on this journey with the Red Bull Racing team,” said Charis. Her ambition and strategic acumen set her apart, making her a clear favourite in the competition.

Heng Yi-Hsin clinched the Red Bull Relations Internship, impressing the judges with her wit and creative approach in her video submission. With experience as a photojournalist and marketing intern, Yi-Hsin demonstrated a robust ability to blend visual storytelling with compelling narrative construction.

“I stumbled upon F1 a few years ago and was immediately hooked. Back then, working in F1 felt like a pipe dream, so when the Red Bull Intern Championship was announced, I pulled out all the stops because I knew the competition would be tough. Knowing how passionate and competitive F1 and Red Bull Racing fans are, it feels incredibly surreal to be part of the Oracle Red Bull Racing team!” Yi-Hsin shared, reflecting on her win.

After their internships, Charis and Yi-Hsin will further apply their newly acquired skills at one of Singapore’s most anticipated events—the Singapore Grand Prix. Their roles will not only involve operational tasks but also providing insights and enhancements for the event, based on their experiences in the UK.

Both winners look forward to their time at Oracle Red Bull Racing, eager to absorb as much as they can from the world-class team of engineers, strategists, and marketing experts. This internship is more than just a job; it’s a stepping stone to a potentially life-changing career in the high-octane world of Formula One racing.

Stay tuned and follow their journey on Red Bull and Oracle Red Bull Racing’s social media platforms, TikTok and Instagram.

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