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Australia to sue Singtel-owned Optus in court over 2022 cyber attack

Australia’s media regulator announced legal action against Optus, owned by Singtel, over a September 2022 cyber attack that exposed customers’ personal data, including addresses, passport numbers, and phone numbers. About 10 million Australians, or 40% of the population, lost access to services during the breach.



AUSTRALIA: On Wednesday (22 May), the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) announced it is taking legal action against telecom carrier Optus, owned by Singapore Telecommunications (Singtel), over a cyber attack it faced in September 2022.

In September 2022, the second-largest telco in Australia suffered a massive data breach that exposed customers’ personal information, including home addresses, passport numbers, and phone numbers.

About 10 million Australians, 40% of the population, are Optus customers and could not use smartphones, broadband internet or landlines for much of the day of the breach.

Following the incident, the country’s Prime Minister Anthony Albanese called for tougher privacy rules to force companies to notify banks faster when they experience similar data breaches.

ACMA alleges that Optus Mobile failed to protect the confidentiality of its customers’ personally identifiable information from unauthorized interference or access.

As reported by Reuters, Optus stated it intends to defend the proceedings.

“At this stage, Optus Mobile is not able to determine the quantum of penalties, if any, that could arise,” the company said.

“Optus has previously apologised to its customers and has taken significant steps, including working with the police and other authorities, to protect them,” it added.

Optus has been one of Singtel’s largest overseas investments.

In November last year, Optus experienced a significant outage which affected almost half of the Australian population.

The interruption resulted in millions of customers and businesses being severed from services, creating a chain of disturbances that required almost 14 hours to resolve.

Following the incident, Ms Kelly Bayer Rosmarin, the CEO of Optus, has stepped down. Michael Venter, Optus’ chief financial officer later stepped into the CEO role.

In April, Singtel warned of a S$3.1 billion (US$2.28 billion) impairment hit and a net loss in the second half of its 2024 financial year, noting that about S$2 billion of the total impairment provision originated from Optus’ goodwill.

In March, ACMA fined Optus A$1.5 million (approximately US$978,150) after discovering extensive breaches of public safety regulations concerning emergency services.

ACMA’s investigation revealed that Optus jeopardized the safety of approximately 200,000 mobile customers by failing to upload essential customer information to an emergency services database from January 2021 to September 2023, leaving these customers exposed to potential risks.

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GOOOD!!!!!! Sue Sue Sue until “Go Holan & then forced to declare bankruptcy or file for chapetr11

Sell Optus. As this will not be a one off on hacking or a power outage.

Yes, please sue till they close shop. Since they not interested in serving the ppl BUT dabble in Cult. Till now paying sky high with not improvement to package. Thanks to their Cult Excuses!!!! Please sue till they close shop!!!!!

Happened in SG too …..Singtel..Singhealth..Banks ..
Who can we sue?
Till pigs fly in this No Blame Culture Fantasy Island..

Nice…. go ahead…suck up all the monies, after all who’s complaing.

The outcome of the whole process of litigation should uncover all the various types various forms of BS hereto nvr nvr publicise in SG. And who are the world’s BIGGEST LOUD MOUTHS.

And that’s WHY the need for POFMA to protect MEGA salaries, fake reputations and stink backsides.

While not being unpatriotic (whom am I a patriot to?) it’s good to see GRAVE REVENGEFUL, DUE, JUSTICE on the parties involved then like what WB said, “when the tide is gone then we shall see whose BALLS are still HANGING tight”.

For your reference

Very rich

As part of a global resolution involving the DOJ, and authorities in Brazil and Singapore, Keppel O&M paid US$422 million in fines.

Contributing seeds and get seeds but not fruits .

A bs apology followed by assurances of tighter and better security or improved training or will do better next time, blah, blah, bloody blah, … works well in SillyPore !!!

Outside of the red dot, … it’s just pure BS, and they’ll never accept or embrace a “no blame culture”, … which is BS for unaccountability and they’ll not stand for it !!!

All over the world, so many countries and businesses know how to milk and make easy and big money from our GIC and Temasek (GLC).

They know who’s the biggest carrot head walking around with billions to invest (or loss). From USA to China, from India to Australia, etc