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Bus accident at Changi Airport leaves 21 injured

On Tuesday, a bus crash at Changi Airport Terminal 3 left 21 injured after hitting a road blocker. The accident occurred as the bus approached a stop, injuring passengers and the driver. Emergency services responded, taking victims to three hospitals.



A bus collision at Changi Airport Terminal 3 resulted in 21 passengers, including the driver, being taken to hospital on Tuesday (21 May).

The incident occurred around 12.40 pm when a bus, operating under service number 858, struck a road blocker as it approached a bus stop.

According to Mr Glenn Lim, the director of communications and customer experience at Tower Transit, the crash happened just after a security barrier was lifted, unexpectedly deploying a road blocker that led to the bus hitting it.

He reported that the driver and 21 passengers were injured and confirmed that the matter is under active investigation.

In response to media queries, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said that it responded to the emergency call at approximately 12.45 pm, dispatching aid to Changi Airport Terminal 3’s Arrival Drive.

Victims were distributed among three hospitals: 10 to Sengkang General Hospital, nine to Raffles Hospital, and one to Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

Video shared on private messaging, showed the immediate aftermath inside the bus.

Footage depicted passengers appearing disoriented, some sitting on the ground, while others had visible injuries, including bloodied faces and heads.

One passenger was particularly noted for sitting with a bloodied forehead alongside tissues stained with blood.

The impact was so great that the doors of the bus could be seen warped.

Tower Transit is actively reaching out to those affected to offer support and has urged injured passengers and their families to contact the company for assistance.

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Suspiciously, there are very likely many personnel related to the operation of equipment causing this bad accident possessed fake degrees, and disinformation on their qualifications and work experiences.

These road blockers were installed under the guise of preventing acts of “terrorism.” Remember when a Malaysian car drove through Woodlands Checkpoint back in 2015? After that, the ruling government panicked and installed these type of barriers everywhere at every location they deem “high risk.” Now here we are 9 years later and these barriers meant to stop “terrorism” are now the sole causative agents of “terrorism” against Singaporeans. I hope the WP raises the issue up as to why these types of security measures are needed to be used against public buses on public bus routes. Does the ruling… Read more »

Last edited 29 days ago by Blankslate

Once again it is the SCDF that has to deal with the mishap. Is this due to incompetence ? Can’t blame it on technology or are developments moving too quickly with safety being compromised? Foreigners working here may not be up to par with our requirements. Who is being used to check on the work being done? If it is the third world again, then please recruit and train more SCDF as there will be more accidents as this.

Everything is going trash…nice for the new PM as a welcome gifts…

Skills Future Upskilling not encroached on, as a job requirement involved here – few parties could be responsible to these injuries sustained innocently.

Toilet cleaning skills apparently deserves more attention, more focus.

, … probably in line with the heightened security alerts imposed throughout the island, which lead to prolonged traffic snarl ups on both border crossings !!!

Let’s hope that everybody recovers swiftly and not miss their scheduled flights.

The accident consequences can be presumably huge, worst than this – only God knows – if not for the situation therein that retards the bus from travelling faster than it was doing.

So what now. People, blaming on gaps, on syatems or humans, the last of which is remote bcz everyone understands by now how PAP Administration OWNS and OWES UP to OWN MISTAKES.

By now the NO BLAME CULTURE is Singapore’s LIGHTHOUSE, and PAP’s LIFE BOUY.

This is what happens when the country starts to employ incompetent ppl in various jobs mostly FT.
From security to bus driving to even the surgeon operating on you.
Scary eh?
Got to ask Tan See Leng why the suituation has gotten this way?
And the reply you will get……”Singapore must not view residents and foreigners as a ‘zero-sum game’ and continue to draw divides,” underlining the necessity of foreign talent for enhancing job opportunities and wages for locals”!😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣😆😆

Wow! Just a day after SIA flight from London to SG suffer massive turbulence with so many injured and 1 dead now this SBS bus smashed into barrier with so many injured. Something not right maybe Stars are colliding somewhere in the galaxy

Is this International Standards.

Empirical evidences DO NOT LIE, and whether State Controlled Citizens Paid Media reported POFMA able Grandpa Grandma tales, accidents, perversions, due to humans has been gradually increasing in frequencies everywhere in SG – from the dirtier hawker tables, toilets, to poor shopping centre managements where food deliverers are treated with contempt, construction, marine et al. While I m in no way referring to SCDF unfortunate untimely death in duty, it’s certain whatever degree of certainties officials, authorities, downplayed massively or not, mishaps, voluntary and involuntary are rising. PAP Administration do NOT keep statistic or EVADE questions legitimately, or requesting rightfully… Read more »

Do a study?!? Dun need what … All they do is tag to any “useless” civilians for all their failings. No?!? Then use a reality as a cover …

Hope the driver and all passengers are well…
Goodness..too many accidents on sg roads these days…
Mnistar in charge, get off your duff and please do a study and rectify the situation..