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130-kg Malayan tiger killed on Kuala Lumpur-Karak Expressway

A Malayan tiger was tragically killed after being hit by a car on the Kuala Lumpur-Karak Expressway on Thursday early morning near the Bukit Tinggi forest reserve.



In a sombre incident on the Kuala Lumpur-Karak Expressway on 16 May, a male Malayan tiger was tragically killed after being struck by a car.

The accident occurred at 1.20 am when the 130 kg tiger, believed to have wandered from the nearby Bukit Tinggi forest reserve in Bentong , attempted to cross the road.

The collision resulted in the tiger’s death on the emergency lane, while the driver escaped unharmed.

Anih Bhd, the highway concessionaire, has issued a reminder to drivers to remain vigilant and exercise caution, especially near wildlife habitats, to prevent such tragic occurrences in the future.

In a statement, it said,  “We are all aware that such incidents(wildlife being hit) are rare. However, it is a reminder of the importance of awareness and ensuring safety while driving, especially in areas located close to or surrounded by animal habitats.

“Following the accident, Anih along with the police and Perhilitan (Wildlife and National Parks Department) had taken immediate steps to deal with the matter.

The measures include cleaning the accident site, removing the tiger carcass and handing it to Perhilitan for further action,”

It added, “We call for everyone to come together to prevent similar incidents and improve safety while driving to help preserve these endangered animals for the benefit of the future generation,” and noted that the car driver is safe following the accident.


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Could the tiger be deaf – can’t hear the traffic noise generated?
What a tragedy dying on the road instead of in the forest, it’s inhabitat.
Perhaps also might be karma too, could it be it had killed humans previously?

Its a nature reserve…sure it wasnt a cover up of a poaching incident gone wrong?

I don’t understand how such a large animal can be “accidentally” hit unless it is INTENTIONAL.

We keep taking and taking from nature. When is it going to be enough?