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SCDF officer dies after fighting fire on board marine vessel anchored in southwest Singapore

A Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) regular lost his life while battling a fire aboard a ship anchored in the southwest of Singapore on Thursday (16 May). Despite valiant efforts, the officer succumbed to the incident. SCDF extends condolences to his family and continues investigations into the tragedy.



SCDF officer dies after fighting fire on board marine vessel anchored in Southwest Singapore

SINGAPORE: A Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) regular passed away early Thursday (16 May) following a fire-fighting effort on a ship anchored in the southwest of Singapore.

The SCDF said in a statement that it received notification of the fire around 12:15 am, prompting firefighters from its West Coast Marine Fire Station to board the vessel and commence firefighting operations.

Upon arrival, the firefighters encountered smoke emanating from the ship’s engine room.

According to SCDF, a regular officer serving as a Rota Commander, alongside another firefighter, was engaged in firefighting activities within the smoke-filled engine room.

Rotas, an abbreviation for rotations, refer to teams of SCDF officers who work in shifts at its fire stations, led by rota commanders.

While one firefighter directed a water jet towards the fire’s source, the Rota Commander utilized a thermal imager to identify additional hot spots.

Amidst the ongoing firefighting efforts, another team of firefighters entering the engine room to provide support made a distressing discovery.

They found the Rota Commander lying at the bottom of a staircase leading approximately 4 meters down to a lower platform within the engine room.

Although conscious at the time, the Rota Commander appeared unwell, prompting immediate evacuation.

Tragically, the officer lost consciousness thereafter, leading to the initiation of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) efforts.

The SCDF swiftly evacuated the injured officer to Pasir Panjang Ferry Terminal before transferring him to National University Hospital via an SCDF ambulance.

Despite the valiant efforts, the officer was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital around 5:50 am.

“SCDF is deeply saddened by the death of our officer. We are providing the family with our fullest support,” SCDF said.

Investigations into the incident are underway, and further updates will be provided as the details unfold.

The last reported SCDF fatality occurred on 8 December 2022, when a 19-year-old full-time national serviceman (NSF) died while battling a blaze at a Henderson Road flat. He was the first firefighter to have died during an operation.

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How old was the fire fighter? How long was he in the room fighting the fire? How about his medical report? Is SCDF overworked and short staffed due to the population increase? What is the amount of insurance the family will receive? Condolences to his family and colleagues in the SCDF. It must be nerve wrecking. People we have the training and experience, please ensure this doesn’t happen again.

Poor guy…an unneccessary life lost…
Lately too many fires and motor vehicle accidents.
Wats happening?

What an unnecessary tragedy! The immediate questions spring to mind: 1) Are the training methods adequate? 2) Was the ROTAS Commander overcome by smoke inhalation? 3) Are the equipment like gas masks in good working order? 4) When were the equipment last checked and certified? 5) Is the SCDF receiving enough funding to train the staff and getting the proper equipment? I don’t pretend to be an expert but it angers me that a man lost his life doing his job. Did the SCDF learn any lesson after the tragedy of the NSF who died in 2022? My heart cries… Read more »

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Condolences to his family and to SCDF.

Expect people to blame the fireman and not his training methods or abstain his bosses from any responsibly – very similar to PAP disowning mistakes they made, like blame on confluence of factors, blame on currency reasons that no employee control or monitor to execute trades for MAS losses of Singaporean’s money (the trustees cannot be trusted). Blames Inc Unlimited. So many, even SG looses jobs to trash, the blames are directed at Sheep choosy, lack spurs, didn’t up skill (clean toilets also must upskill or reskill, why didn’t they say so moons ago). Is LJWong going to remove the… Read more »