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Malaysian man surprises wife by putting their photos on NYC Times Square billboard

A Malaysian man surprised his wife on their 6th anniversary by displaying their photos on a Times Square billboard. For as low as US$40, anyone can share a 15-second message on the iconic screen, making their mark in the bustling tourist hub.



MALAYSIA: In a heartwarming demonstration of love and dedication, a Malaysian man went above and beyond to surprise his wife on their wedding anniversary by displaying their photos on the iconic Times Square billboard in New York City.

This unforgettable moment was captured in a 40-second TikTok video shared by @sherafoodie on Thursday (9 May).

The video showcases a series of photos featuring the couple, prominently displayed on the bustling Times Square billboard, serving as the highlight of their anniversary trip to New York City.

Shera’s husband meticulously planned this gesture to mark their special day.

In the video, Shera’s husband playfully asked her to look behind her.

As she did a little twirl, she initially missed the surprise.

Then, her husband urged her to twirl once more and directed her gaze upward.

It was at that moment when she beheld their picture displayed prominently on the giant billboard.

“I’m so shocked! My face in Times Square, New York? Wow!!”

She covered her mouth in disbelief, clearly moved by her husband’s thoughtful effort.

“Thank you, Love. You’re the best husband ever,” she wrote in the video.


Watch how my husband surprise me at Times Square New York 😫🥹 #fyp #fypシ #newyork #timessquare

♬ som original – Musicss∆

Celebrates 6th wedding anniversary

Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, Shera revealed that she and her husband had been together for six years and that the trip to New York was an early celebration of their anniversary.

She shared that this trip marked their first vacation to the United States, with New York being at the top of their bucket list.

Shera recalled how they spontaneously decided to have a casual night out in Times Square.

Her husband encouraged her to go out and take some photos that evening.

“My makeup wasn’t even done perfectly. We stood there for about 10 minutes until my husband tricked me into posing for photos with the billboard behind us.”

At that moment, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing, and it took her a while to process her emotions.

She also mentioned how, even after being together for six years, her husband still finds ways to surprise her.

Netizens praise the husband’s romantic gesture

The clip has since garnered over 410 thousand views. The comment section is filled with positive reactions from netizens, who praised the husband’s efforts to make his wife happy and shared in the joy of the heartwarming surprise.

One netizen thanked Shera for sharing her happiness, writing, “Thank you for sharing your happiness here. I’m happy for you.”


Another netizen praised Shera’s husband, noting how his efforts stood out from others, and wished them well.


A comment expressed admiration for Shera’s luck, saying, “How lucky you are, sis. Happy for you.”


Adding a touch of humour, one user remarked, “If you look closely, that’s me and my bestie at the back, knowing we’re never getting this.”


Some netizens also mentioned the role of money in such gestures, to which Shera responded that it’s not about the money but the effort her husband put in to make her happy.


Simplified steps to book a Times Square digital billboard slot

The billboard featured in the Malaysian TikTok user’s video seems to be a part of TSX Broadway in New York’s Times Square.

TSX Broadway is a unique building that is, for the most part, covered in screens. With an estimated average of 330,000 daily pedestrians passing through Times Square, it’s an ideal location for global businesses to showcase their brands.

To get a video on a Times Square billboard, customers can use the TSX app and secure a 15-second spot on the massive 18,000 sq. ft. digital Times Square billboard for as little as US$40.

This way, anyone with a smartphone, anywhere in the world, can take disover Times Square at any time of day.

Customers only need to upload their video to the app, secure a desired time slot, and make an online payment to enjoy their video being shown at the scheduled time.

According to LSI Media, the cost of advertising on digital billboards in Times Square can range from $1,000 to $10,000, depending on factors such as location and time slot.

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