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Cat licensing scheme set to begin on 1 September in Singapore

Starting 1 September, Singapore’s HDB residents can legally keep cats under a new framework by the National Parks Board’s AVS, lifting the 1989 ban. This includes licensing and microchipping requirements during a two-year transition period.



Starting 1 September, residents of Housing and Development Board (HDB) flats in Singapore will be able to legally keep cats under a new Cat Management Framework introduced by the National Parks Board’s Animal and Veterinary Service (AVS).

This marks a significant change from the previous ban implemented in 1989.

Currently, HDB residents face fines of up to S$4,000 for violating the ban on cat ownership, which was under the HDB Animals Rules 1989.

The ban was primarily due to concerns that cats, being naturally curious creatures, are difficult to contain within flats. When allowed to roam, they can shed fur, urinate in public areas, and create noise through caterwauling, potentially inconveniencing neighbours.

However, this has not actively been enforced, even though many residents have been rearing cats in their residences over the decades, as HDB only acts against errant homeowners whose cats are a public nuisance.

Under the same rules, HDB allows one dog of an approved small breed to be kept in each residential unit.

Under the new rules, each HDB household can keep up to two cats, while private residences are allowed three.

To support this transition, a two-year period starting from September 2024 to August 2026 will be implemented for cat owners to license and microchip their pets. Licensing can be done online via the AVS’ Pet Animal Licensing System.

Addressing concerns that some cat owners might be forced to give up their existing cats due to the new limits, Senior Minister of State for National Development, Tan Kiat How, said in an event on Saturday that those with cats in excess of the limits will still be able to register their existing cats under the free licensing scheme. However, it is uncertain whether there is a set time period for this exemption.

In addition to licensing, first-time cat owners are required to complete a free online course on pet care and responsible ownership.

Licenses obtained during the transition period will be free of charge, after which the cost will be S$15 per year for a sterilized cat and S$90 for an unsterilized one. Cat owners are encouraged to sterilize their pets to avoid unintended breeding, with licenses for sterilized cats having lifetime validity.

For households currently owning more cats than the permitted limit, they will be allowed to keep them if they are licensed within the transition period.

AVS will also launch the Pet Cat Sterilisation Support Programme on the same day, providing free sterilization and microchipping services to low-income households.

From September 2026, it will be an offence to keep unlicensed cats, with penalties up to S$5,000, aligning with existing regulations for dog owners.

This decision follows a two-month public survey which showed that 65% of the 4,000 participants were supportive or neutral about the new cat policy in HDB flats.

The framework also mandates that cat owners prevent their pets from roaming freely by using barriers or harnesses and keeping them in carriers in public spaces.

The AVS will also extend the Trap-Neuter-Rehome/Release-Manage programme, previously applicable to free-roaming dogs, to community cats, signalling a shift from the current Stray Cat Sterilisation Programme.

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Better you ensure CECA get license and sterilize them also. That would be of more use to us KNN.

Good! . its better to leegalized these cats else they go astray and multiplies.

Remember their elderly ladies fed many stray cats in the public.

HDB should limit 1 to 2 cats maximum in HDB flats.

Cats must go for yearly injections before they can renew their license.

Encourage cat owners to sterilize their cats.

Elections must be soon, when they are targeting specific groups like the cat community, which they have IGNORED for the past 40-50 years. Million$ PM/ministers took soooooo long to address such a relatively simple issue – truly bo-liao.

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So private residential units owners are not facing such “scholarly issues”? Only in SG we can see so many rules on the maas commoners.

Is it because the mass commoners have no common sense or must be bound by rules and more rules?

Maybe one fine day mass commoners going toilet to pee or shxt also required by law to get one-off license from those scholars

Last edited 11 days ago by Singapore Fooled Again n Again

Subsidies for cat license coming up…mayb a one time or for first 2 years🤣😅😆😁????

As with pet dogs , will owners have to renew the cat license annually?

Last edited 11 days ago by W.A.J.

Cat Management Framework.

Since every cat, technically, will be licensed and accounted for, … in a cat census so to speak, can one assume that stray, free and unattached cats will be a thing of the past in the red dot !!!

Will there be a Special Task Force set up to deal with strays, … and those who suddenly can’t manage the upkeep and decide to abandon their felines !!!

Is it worthwhile setting up a Cat Ministry, … to oversee future changes and advancements, … in cat behaviour, diets and it’s population !!!

Where is the PAP Administration FOCUS, RESOURCES due, to look into, and RESOLVE decades old problem of TFR? WTF is cat more important than humans. How MISGUIDED is this PAP?

For eg. Botak already COMPLAINED INSUFFICIENT fit Singaoreans for them to find to join the Police Force.

How about workforce? The Bastard Tan presumably WANT TO CONCEAL classic PAP embarrassment of his Ministry creating 1000s of jobs for Trash, DARED not to enumerate REASONS and CAUSES linking to ‘jobless SGpn numbers.

My friends local and expats have kept cats at home for so long. I have never met a curious pet cat that roam far except the stray cat in my uni hostel. I think our govt really have serious deficit…need to make more money

Another piece of useless act – 1001 more extremely IMPORTANT living issues affecting 6 millions of people.

How is this cat policy going to improve ordinary average lives when there ARE MORE URGENT ISSUES to work their stupid lazy brains.

Going to be seeing more abandoned cats …many wont want to pay for licence or cant afford to..
Whats the authorities solution?
SPCA cant cope as it is..and one has to pay a one time fee to give up ones pet to spca…its for spaying / sterilization expenses..
A donation is always welcomed.