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South Korean DJ criticized for monk outfit performance in KL club

South Korean DJ NewJeansNim faced criticism from a Malaysian Buddhist group and political party after performing in monk attire at a KL dance club, sparking public attention.



MALAYSIA: South Korean DJ, NewJeansNim, drew criticism from the Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia (YBAM) after appearing in monk attire during a performance at a Kuala Lumpur dance club on 3 May.

Clips of his debut at Gemu Club KL circulated on social media, drawing public attention.

YBAM received complaints from devotees, accusing the DJ’s performance had “harmed and disrespected” Buddhist values.

Secretary-General Eow Shiang Yen of YBAM stated that impersonating Sangha members, part of the Triple Gem, in entertainment venues like dance clubs is inappropriate.

The Sangha represents the Buddhist community, including monks and nuns, dedicated to the Buddhist path.

Eow also expressed concern about the club’s atmosphere potentially violating Buddhism’s five precepts, including alcohol consumption and disorderly conduct.

He stated that such settings not only undermine the sanctity of Buddhism but may also blur the public’s understanding of authentic Buddhist rituals.

He called upon all parties to refrain from exploiting religious symbols for entertainment purposes, emphasizing the sensitivities surrounding race, religion, and royalty (3R).

He also emphasized the importance of balancing creativity, entertainment, and humour with moderation, respect for religious sensitivities, and avoiding misunderstandings to foster social morality.

Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong, president of the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA), echoed these sentiments, urging authorities to take action to prevent DJ NewJeansNim from performing at a Kuala Lumpur dance club again.

Dr Wee urged the Home Affairs Minister to instruct relevant authorities to bar DJ NewJeansNim from entering Malaysia to uphold Buddhism’s sanctity and religious harmony.

He mentioned that if DJ NewJeansNim hadn’t dressed as a monk and provoked religious sensitivity, the Buddhist community wouldn’t oppose artists’ performances.

Gemu Club’s Instagram announced DJ NewJeansNim’s second appearance on May 21, the eve of Wesak Day, due to high demand, but later cancelled, as stated in their 8 May post.

Before his appearance in Kuala Lumpur, DJ NewJeansNim had been actively performing in South Korea and various other Asian countries, often clad in monk attire.

One of his signature catchphrases during performances is 부처핸섬 (bu-cheo-haen-seom), a play on words where “부처” translates to Buddha and “핸섬” is the Hangul spelling for “handsome.”

This phrase also serves as a pun for “put your hands up,” a phrase DJ NewJeansNim frequently uses to energize the crowd.

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