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Shin Min edits report on Hup Lee founder’s passing, omitting mention of him being vaccinated

Netizens highlight the edit by Shin Min Daily News on a report over the passing of Hup Lee bee hoon chain founder Tan Boon Hai. The original report included the mention of Mr Tan’s 2021 vaccination. Mr Tan was later diagnosed with ALS after noticing weakness in his left hand in 2022.



On 5 May, Singapore’s Chinese media, Shin Min Daily News, reported the passing of Tan Boon Hai, the founder of the economic bee hoon chain Hup Lee (合利经济米粉), who died last Thursday at the age of 51.

His demise was attributed to heart failure, occurring two years after his diagnosis of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), as reported by the media outlet.

However, a netizen noticed that the news outlet had strangely edited the report, notably removing the part mentioning Mr Tan’s vaccination during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the original article, Shin Min reported that he had fully immersed himself in his work following the vaccination in 2021.

Unfortunately, in February 2022, Mr Tan encountered an unexpected obstacle to his pursuit of his career when he noticed a weakness in his left hand.

Despite consulting with six medical professionals, it wasn’t until later that he received the disheartening diagnosis of ALS.

However, upon checking the latest version, it is evident that the news outlet’s online version had already removed the mention of Mr Tan’s vaccination, only noting his diagnosis of ALS in 2022.


Gutzy Asia has written to Shin Min Daily News to seek clarification regarding the editing of the original report and the omission of Mr Tan’s vaccination details.

Mr Tan’s remarkable business expansion: Establishing 90 stalls

Mr Tan was hailed as a visionary entrepreneur. Despite possessing only secondary school qualifications, he diligently mapped out his future during his National Service (NS) at the age of 18, envisioning the realization of his business plans post-NS.

Following the launch of his first outlet in Woodlands, he steadily expanded his enterprise, eventually establishing a factory to produce chilli sauce and marinades for distribution across his burgeoning network of outlets.

Once satisfied with the production capacity, Mr Tan further bolstered his ventures by enlisting the support of family and friends.

By the early 2000s, Hup Lee’s growth surged, with an impressive tally of 90 stalls launched within a decade.

Mr Tan’s wife recalled that despite prioritizing health throughout his life, he was shocked to receive a diagnosis of ALS.

She further elucidated that doctors conveyed the grim reality that ALS lacked a cure, with symptom management being the only recourse through medication.

Despite his resilience, Mr Tan’s appetite waned recently due to a persistent cough, leading to five days of abstaining from food before his passing.

His wife successfully persuaded Mr Tan last week to undergo a hospital check-up, but tragically, his heart began to fail en route.

Medical professionals swiftly intervened, performing surgery on Mr Tan and successfully restoring his heartbeat.

However, despite their efforts, his blood pressure remained low, and he ultimately passed away.

His family, profoundly impacted by his passing, is now advocating for individuals grappling with ALS to confront the condition with the same unwavering optimism that defined Mr Tan’s approach.

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Not a single medical professional will or has done any study to link vaccine to any illness. The only one that has supposedly done it are the pharmaceuticals themselves… and they have reported that there is no link. No autopsy done, no research. What is being done is to threaten anyone who claims that there is an association with legal action. This is the same with asbestos, smoking, sugar, etc… ordinary people must come together and stay united to pursue. But this is a very difficult way. It can take more than a century. Cigarette smoking is still allowed… despite… Read more »

All those who are vaccinated are walking “time bombs” waiting for it to manifest,explode then die & ALL those responsible for calling for the 1,2,3,4,5 jabs pretend to cat BLUR!!!!. May they also succumb to their mis-deeds!!!!!

A concerned and caring publication, … choosing not to unnecessarily alarm the “kiasi” populace !!!

Shin Min edited their account about his covid vaccination? I think Gutzy also edit such info 🙂 I remember posting a link to an article about “excess deaths” in Singapore that speculated that it may be due to the covid vaccination …. and my comment simply disappeared.

Balls to you fuckers lah. You got EVIDENCE THAT JAB CAUSE THIS?

SG news portal all gahmen controlled. They afraid to report anything that could implicate the ruling party .

Why the news edit by Shin Min. This is hallmark trait semblance of the PAP Administration – lies lies lies to eacape accountability obviously. Is this PAP FULLY DISHONEST.

Let’s not forget PAP has a huge control over local newspapers editorial functions and policies.


真是。 臭味相投

不過這個瓜 有 局限

He did take the jabs and subsequently in 2022 felt weakness in arm.Two years later left behind his loved ones when he should have many years to live.Jabs and adverse events??? Your guess is as good as anyone else in sunny Singapore 🤔🤔

No one is going to say it may be due to the Vaccines unless more cases show up in the US and class suits are commence. It will come but the question is when? OYK will have to pay a huge price for forcing it onto citizens.