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Entertainment outlet in Malaysia targeted in molotov cocktail attack, police investigate

An entertainment outlet on Jalan Yap Kwan Seng was set ablaze by molotov cocktails. CCTV footage captured the attackers fleeing on motorcycles. Police have launched an investigation into the incident.



Entertainment outlet in Malaysia targeted in molotov cocktail attack, police investigate

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA: An entertainment outlet situated on Jalan Yap Kwan Seng was engulfed in flames on Thursday (9 May) after reportedly being targeted with molotov cocktails.

The incident, captured on a 45-second closed-circuit television (CCTV) recording near the premises, quickly circulated on social media platforms, drawing widespread attention.

The CCTV footage depicted a chilling scene: four individuals, mounted on two motorcycles, pulling up in front of the establishment.

In a swift and coordinated action, they hurled two molotov cocktails before hastily fleeing the scene.

Following the distressing incident, another 42-second clip emerged online, depicting the premises ablaze while members of the public rallied to extinguish the flames.

According to the timestamp on the CCTV recording, the incident occurred at 2:18 a.m. on 9 May, adding to the urgency of the investigation.

Upon inquiry, Dang Wangi deputy police chief Superintendent Nazron Abd Yusof confirmed that his department has received a report regarding the incident.

“We have received a report regarding the incident and opened an investigation paper under Section 435 of the Penal Code for the offence of mischief by fire,” stated Superintendent Nazron Abd Yusof.

“Further investigation into this case is ongoing. Based on the CCTV footage, the incident occurred at 2.18am, but the actual time of the incident is still being investigated,” he said.

In a separate incident back in March, a series of molotov cocktail attacks targeted a KK Mart in Malaysia.

This convenience store chain faced backlash following allegations of selling socks bearing the word ‘Allah’ in one of its outlets.

The store was attacked three times with molotov cocktails amidst the growing controversy.

Netizens hope for swift action by police

The video posted garnered various responses from concerned netizens, many expressing their desire for swift police action to apprehend the culprits.

One user lamented the increasing oddity of events in Malaysia, expressing concerns about potential ramifications on the country’s image and tourism.

They urged law enforcement to promptly arrest those responsible.

Similarly, another user echoed the sentiment, emphasizing that nightclubs are meant for entertainment, not destruction by fire.

Amidst the discussion a user hoped that potential witnesses, such as the occupants of a passing red car captured in the footage, would assist authorities with any dashcam recordings to aid in the investigation.

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