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1 individual wins S$13.12 million Toto prize on 9 May

In Thursday’s Group 1 Toto jackpot draw, a staggering S$13,123,509 jackpot prize was won by a single ticket, sparking speculation about the newfound multi-millionaire.



SINGAPORE: A staggering $13.12 million (approximately US$9.69 million) prize was claimed in Thursday (9 May)’s Group 1 Toto jackpot draw conducted by Singapore Pools, won by a single ticket, igniting speculation about the fortunate individual who is now a multi-millionaire.

The eye-popping S$13,123,509 jackpot comprised the winning numbers 9, 15, 20, 26, 43, and 49, with an additional number, 36.

The current prize was not an overnight accumulation. It had snowballed over three consecutive draws on 29 April, 2 May, and Monday, as there were no Group 1 prize winners on those days.

For those unfamiliar, to bag the coveted Group 1 prize, a ticket needs to match all six winning numbers.

In instances where there’s no winner, the prize pot rolls over to the subsequent draw, increasing the stakes.

According to the updated Toto betting regulations, the accumulated prize money will be distributed in instalments starting from the fourth draw, limiting the first group prize accumulation to the fourth period.

In such instances, if after the next draw, no one matches the first group of draw numbers, the prize will be divided among the winners matching the second group of draw numbers, and so on.

The winning ticket for this historic jackpot was purchased through the Singapore Pools Account Betting Service.

Assuming the ticket was purchased by a single person, he or she is now a very fortunate multi-millionaire.

It was a System 7 ticket that secured the win.

Curiosity buzzes around the city as it remains unknown whether the winning ticket belongs to one lucky individual or if it’s the fruit of a shared group effort.

The Group 2 prize was distributed among 12 winners, with each winning combination receiving S$127,391.

The last time the Toto jackpot exceeded S$10 million was on 14 March, with the first group prize totalling S$13,409,094, split among three winners, each receiving S$4,469,698.

Last October, a prize totalling $13,077,918 was also won by a single individual.

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Someone offered a theory.

The Toto prize, 10 Million is a PAP Administration Bogey. A trap to bait bets. As many more people tempted to buy, the collection grows, bigger and bigger. Reach enough amounts, the stage play moves in – the 1st Prize money is only on paper. Hypo news follow, who bought from where, how many winners and so on – to create credibility, to catch simpletons.

To award to one winner, who knows? How about other winners?

Weekly is the same show.

End objective – what’s wrong with collecting more money. Various ways. Another way. PAP trademark.

Let me guess

Is that You ?

Must share with me mah .