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RSAF’s F-16 Crash at Tengah Air Base

On Wednesday noon, a RSAF’s F-16 crashed at Tengah Air Base. MINDEF stated the plane had issues during take-off. The pilot successfully ejected before the crash. He is receiving medical attention and no other personnel was hurt.



SINGAPORE: On Wednesday afternoon (8 May), a Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) F-16 jet crashed at Tengah Air Base shortly after take-off.

The Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) reported that the plane encountered “an issue” during take-off at about 12.35 pm.

Following this, the pilot successfully ejected, and the plane subsequently crashed within Tengah Air Base.

The ministry further stated that the pilot, who is conscious and able to walk, is receiving medical attention, and there are no other reported injuries among personnel.

MINDEF mentioned that investigations into the incident are ongoing and assured that updates will be provided as soon as they become available.


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Mindef can’t even arrange safe passage of our Terrexes through international waters without being impounded by HK. Ah Hen is a joke, hor.

Eggmy Khor would say, f16 is designed according to international standard.

But what’s about the pilot?

What would be the 1206 cost for this one!
Anyway, to ah Ng this would be a cheap write off, borne by taxpayers!
Until the next crash is a F-35!😆😆😆😆

Thank God…no family lost a ..precious son…or father etc.

Very expensive accident but no fatalities is the most important.
Next topic in our parliament coming up.COI consisting of doctor, lawyer and economist will be put together to investigate the technical facts of a fighter jet.

There goes SG Reserves, a $300 million plane ✈? While I do wish the pilot well and good.

However why SG needs F16 – when SAF is so careless with the Armour Vehicles allowing others to PLAY, TO OPEN UP, TO STUDY our Defence Secrets FREELY?