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Labour Day 2024: A call for change at Hong Lim Park

On 1 May, join the Labour Day rally at Singapore’s Hong Lim Park, 3-7 PM, to hear from workers fighting for fair wages, healthcare, and dignity. Stand united for change.



Photo credit: Bernice Wong

Amidst the hustle and demands of daily life, the people of Singapore are rallying for a significant pause this Labour Day. Organized by the advocacy group WorkersMakePossible, a pivotal event will take place at Hong Lim Park on May 1, 2024, from 3 PM to 7 PM, under the banner of reclaiming lives overwhelmed by overwork and undervalued labour.

The event promises to be a groundswell of voices from diverse walks of life, each sharing a common narrative of struggle against an increasingly taxing work culture. “We have been struggling to survive in this system, but together, we can struggle to change it,” states the organizer’s passionate call to arms. This Labour Day gathering is not just a moment of reflection but a mobilization, urging citizens to envision and fight for a fairer future.

Labour Day Booths (3:00 – 5:30 PM)
Prior to the main proceedings, attendees will have the opportunity to engage with 15 local community groups and civil society organizations at various booths. These groups will showcase their efforts towards crafting a more equitable Singapore, offering insights into the real issues faced by workers and presenting avenues for public support and involvement.

Speeches and Performances (5:30 – 7:00 PM)
The formal program kicks off at 5:30 PM with an opening music performance by Maya Raisha Zainudin, setting a reflective tone for the evening. This will be followed by a series of impactful speeches addressing critical issues such as the healthcare system, the realities of gig work, overwork, wage theft, and the challenges faced by low-income families.

Highlights include:

  • 5:40 PM: Nurul Afiqah will delve into the pressing need for a healthcare system that caters to all, not just the privileged few.
  • 5:50 PM: Andy Sng, a delivery rider, will expose the harsh truths behind the gig economy’s promise of being one’s own boss.
  • 5:55 PM: Muhammad Khairul discusses the pervasive issues of overwork and wage theft that plague many sectors.
  • 6:00 PM: Zaia Zael will shine a light on the often-invisible struggles of low-income families striving for dignity amidst adversity.

The program will also feature a unique theatrical piece, “March for Freedom,” penned and directed by Uddin Md Sharif and performed by a dedicated troupe, encapsulating the day’s themes of liberation and change.

Closing Remarks and Collective Action
The event will culminate with a powerful closing message from Kokila Annamalai of Workers Make Possible at 6:20 PM, followed by the collective singing of Labour Day songs led by Satu Jiwa.

The evening will conclude with the recital of the “Labour Day Pledge 2024: We Keep Us Safe,” a solemn commitment by the attendees to support and protect each other in the face of systemic challenges.

This Labour Day, Hong Lim Park will not just be a venue for gathering but a beacon of hope for those who believe that a different, more just Singapore is possible through collective action and solidarity.

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We can yell and shout until our hearts drop out from our mouths in Hong Lim. PAP is deaf! PAP will only take it as farting!

Nothing changes, nothing will!

You want change? You want to be heard? Do it in the polling stations! You need balls to make the changes yourselves first!

Vote wisely for change, for yourselves, and for your children!

It’s not a big enough SillyPorean problem to warrant any form of change, … is the mindset of the majority !!!

Therein, … lies the real problem in SillyPore !!!

The local fucktards got to get fucked until SONG SONG then THEY WAKE THE FUCK UP.
Now cost of living so HIGH, they are relegated to gig jobs and bits and pieces of part time jobs and TRULY DEPEND ON HAND OUTS TO SURVIVE FOR JUST ONE FUCKING YEAR!
Even that isn’t enough in reality!
Now protest what fuck?
Protest loh, unless one million of you fuckers line the streets, NOTHING WILL CHANGE!😆😆😆😆😆

The government will not change till we citizens change the government through our one precious vote.
Who’s the boss? We are!

Hong Lim Park should be under the Town Council of Hong Lim. People should be allowed to book it according to availability. The police should then be informed. The police should not be making the decision on what permits to approve. They are law enforcement not a political tool for the PAP.

The so call Courses are just brainstorming the Singapore PAP government policies and mind concept onto Singaporeans brain and brainwashed them to become PAP dogs puppets and zombies control by Singapore PAP government Ministers and yesmen of Singapore PAP government,every time what’s Singapore PAP government Ministers said, surely agreed and nothing to do with Jobs security,,also the lecturers are pro PAP lecturers who supported PAP

No use,the Singapore PAP dictatorship government won’t listen as they see those who attended the Hong Lim Park rally as stage performance trying to be famous

Ask legit, how much is lost in Japan (investment) ALONE! amidst the Yen debacle.