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Alert raised as Indonesia’s Mount Ruang volcano erupts again

Mount Ruang volcano in Indonesia erupted multiple times on Tuesday, leading to evacuations and the closure of a nearby international airport. The eruptions sent ash five kilometers into the sky and prompted authorities to raise the alert level to its highest.



North Sulawesi's Mount Ruang erupts

NORTH SULAWESI, INDONESIA: Indonesia’s remote Mount Ruang volcano continued its series of eruptions on Tuesday (30 April), according to the country’s volcanology agency.

These eruptions led to evacuations, the closure of a nearby international airport, and the raising of the alert level to its highest.

Despite earlier eruptions this month prompting the evacuation of over 6,000 individuals, authorities cautioned that the threat from Mount Ruang persisted.

Situated in the outermost region of North Sulawesi province, the volcano erupted around 1:15 am local time, with subsequent eruptions occurring throughout Tuesday morning, as reported by the volcanology agency.

The eruptions propelled a tower of ash more than five km into the sky, highlighting the intensity of the volcanic activity.

Additionally, the agency expanded the exclusion zone to seven km, up from the previous six km.

“The eruption material from Mount Ruang early this morning has spread over a considerable distance. Consequently, we have expanded the affected area radius to 7 km, reflecting the current safety perimeter,” the agency reported.

The agency also emphasized the need for heightened awareness among residents living near the coast.

They are urged to remain vigilant as there is a risk of incandescent rocks, hot clouds (surges), and tsunamis.

These hazards could arise from eruptive material entering the sea or from the collapse of the volcanic body into the sea.

The National Disaster Management Agency has issued updates regarding the ongoing eruption of Mount Ruang.

Plans are in place to evacuate approximately 11,000 to 12,000 individuals to safer locations.

Assisted by the National Search and Rescue Agency and the Warship of the Republic of Indonesia, the evacuation process is currently in progress.

Ships have been deployed to transport residents to safety as authorities work to mitigate the risks posed by the volcanic activity.

Additionally, the recent eruption has led to the closure of Sam Ratulangi International Airport in Manado, the provincial capital located over 100 km away.

This closure comes as a precautionary measure due to the presence of volcanic ash, according to a notice from AirNav Indonesia, the state-run air traffic control provider.

Indonesia, known for its vast archipelago and positioned on the Pacific “Ring of Fire,” frequently experiences seismic and volcanic activity, underscoring the ongoing challenges posed by natural phenomena in the region.

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