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Kishore Mahbubani opines: Gaza conflict dents U.S. image on global stage

Kishore Mahbubani discusses the U.S. foreign aid bill’s impact, noting a stark divide between American and global views on Gaza, which has significantly dented America’s international image.



American news channel CNBC hosted Kishore Mahbubani, a distinguished fellow at the National University of Singapore’s Asia Research Institute, to discuss the implications of the recent U.S. foreign aid package and the broader geopolitical context, including U.S.-China relations.

In the interview, the CNBC presenter queried about the recent passage of the U.S. foreign aid bill, specifically its implications for Israel, suggesting that some critics view it as an American endorsement for further violence in Gaza.

Responding to this, Kishore highlighted a significant discrepancy: “Well, I think there is certainly a gap between global public opinion and American public opinion on the subject of what’s happening in Gaza today.”

He criticized the U.S. support, implicitly complicit through the new aid bill, for exacerbating the conflict. “While Israel was perfectly justified to defend itself, what’s happened so far in Gaza has actually shocked the world,” he remarked, emphasizing the need for greater humanitarian action.

Reflecting on the significant aid package signed by President Joe Biden on Wednesday, which includes $95 billion aimed at supporting Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, Kishore highlighted the political and ethical challenges it presents.

This bill comes amidst devastating reports from Gaza, where the Health Ministry announced a death toll that has surged to 34,305 since last October, with 77,293 others injured.

Discussing internal pressures facing President Biden, Kishore highlighted the delicate balance the President must maintain during an election year.

“It’d be very, very difficult for President Joe Biden to go against the formidable influence that Israel has in the United States,” he explained, suggesting that the recent aid might be seen as an American endorsement of ongoing military actions, which have been widely condemned globally.

The discussion then shifted to U.S. domestic responses to the Gaza situation, with Kishore noting, “And as you know, we are also going to discuss Tony Blinken’s visit to China. The main priority for the United States today is to engage in a global campaign to ensure that he remains far more influential and far more powerful globally.” He articulated concerns about the potential political fallout for Biden, especially given the strong sentiments within key swing states.

“If I was advising him privately, I would say this is the time for him to appear to look very strong and decisive in saying these are strong American interests in ensuring greater support for humanitarian operations in Gaza,” he suggested.

Regarding the separate question about U.S.-China relations stemming from provisions targeting TikTok in the recent legislation, Kishore pointed out the nuanced role this issue plays in the larger geopolitical game.

“TikTok itself is not going to be a major factor in U.S.-China relations. But, paradoxically, it could become a bigger factor in the elections,” he noted. He underscored the importance of the youth vote, many of whom are avid TikTok users, in the upcoming election.

Kishore concluded by emphasizing the significance of the U.S. maintaining a strong, strategic stance not only towards Gaza but also in its competition with China. He stressed the importance of Biden navigating these challenges without appearing weak, especially with critical accusations from opposition figures looming in the backdrop.

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Why is this dinosaur kishore still yakking away nonstop? Kishore is long over the hill and he obviously doesn’t fit into the new way of thinking, of speech and happening that reflects progress and openness

Singaporeans First !!! stop using our tax money to help terrorist supporters (90% Palestinians support Hamas terrorism).

All these ownself write ownself read books by kesok kalanguni, tall order by lau goh help fill up the empty shelves in our libraries.

Uncle has better things to do lah

Why is this kishore always pulling a long face, busy song izzit? US under biden already dented their reputation, biden being the weakest US leader ever. The latter explains why so many wars and conflicts broke out worldwide after biden took presidency. During Trump’s presidency, middle east was peaceful, China and Russia also peaceful and not too aggressive. Biden worsened the world’s security situation..

Kishore Baby—- you know who supports who Don’t You!!!!

we should have a polls?

Should we worry about Palestine? 90% of the Palestinians chose Hamas terrorists to wipe out Israel.

He wrote books and many articles. Has any of his books been best sellers? Or muat read by Who is Who? Or his books a must have of any Ivy League Campus, as in like case studies?

same white wine from the same bottle taste the same

Please do not use our tax payers money for foreign humanitarian aid.

did not mention Hamas terrorists did not bring themselves to the world stage? what do you think?

One tiny ant trying to kick dust in a dinosaur’s face..
Like as if the dinosaur cares…one stomp and the ant joins the dust.

The more interesting thing is … the picture of Kishore used in this article. Note the title of the book behind him: “Has China Won?” That book wasn’t “accidentally” placed there and with its cover facing outside and the camera 🙂

I would venture to say that China hasn’t “won” ….. yet. But is heading in the right direction 🙂

Just to show that he is still alive. Shouldn’t he instead be giving the opinion that corruption by a PAP million$ minister dents SG image on the global stage? Why monkeys always so kapor about other countries’ issues but muted on our own issues?

One thing’s for certain, … you won’t find the US’s AG posting an article, … refuting, rebutting, remonstrating and resenting what and all that KayPoh Kishore has had to say !!! Besides, … I don’t believe the US are troubled by the continued comments, views and protests from individuals and groups around the world, … that, like the US, .. recognises one’s rights to freedom of expression and protests. Wars and confrontations are never popular, … but someone’s gotta do it when all hell breaks lose, .. and inevitably give rise to the distinction between the devil and the deep… Read more »

Way past expiry date lah

All these old faces should be in the home for the aged instead of giving their 5 cents worth of ball carrying opinions.

He is still stuck in the colonial mindset and that we need the America of today even after the genocide in Gaza. It is this thinking that allows Biden and Nethanyahu to continue with their massacre of “lesser,” human beings. The student population in many elite universities in America are on protest against the war which the Zionists are calling anti-Semitism. Joe Biden will most probably be replaced by the Californian Governor Gavin Newsome. Rishi Sunak may not see a second term. The political fallout by leaders supporting the Zionists against their own citizens’ anti-war stance will be shown in… Read more »

another old man talking…awaiting the wooden box…AS IF USA care a hood what others’ thinking knowing well the pariah of the island is woofing to survive with US influence? The latest news is the challenge that any country throwing out US debt even debenture will face sanction! how’s that to swallow except all pariah states? ps: and with SWIFT none the country shall be operating economically