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Gaza Freedom Flotilla mission postponed to 26 April

The “Break The Siege: Freedom Flotilla Mission To Gaza 2024” faced another postponement, rescheduled for 26 April. The mission aims to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza amidst dire conditions.



Gaza Freedom Flotilla mission postponed to 26 April

ISTANBUL, TÜRKIYE: The “Break The Siege: Freedom Flotilla Mission To Gaza 2024” cruise mission faced another setback, as it was once again postponed, now scheduled for this Friday (26 April).

Originally expected to set sail on 21 April, with a subsequent delay to 24 April, the departure of the coalition ship was once again postponed.

The mission involves at least three confirmed ships: one large cargo vessel and two passenger ships.

Ann Wright, an expert on the Freedom Flotilla Coalition (FFC) Guide Committee, disclosed that the starting location of the voyage will change, with the new location to be announced soon.

This announcement came during a briefing held in Istanbul, Turkiye, attended by all relevant delegations.

The FFC, formed in 2010, is a grassroots solidarity movement striving to end the Israeli blockade of Gaza.

Operating in alignment with the goals set by Gaza’s people, the coalition conducts direct action missions with civil society partners, adhering strictly to principles of non-violence.

Previously, there were reports of lobbying efforts directed at President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government in Turkiye to cancel the mission.

Despite this, the FFC persists in its preparations, with plans for multiple vessels carrying humanitarian aid and international human rights observers.

According to the FFC website, multiple vessels will carry 5000 tons of humanitarian aid and international human rights observers to Gaza.

The urgency of the mission is underscored by the dire situation in Gaza, where deliberate policies have led to catastrophic hunger and suffering.

“This is an emergency mission as the situation in Gaza is dire, with catastrophic hunger resulting from the Israeli government’s deliberate policy to starve the Palestinian people,” it stated.

Activists from 30 countries have converged in Istanbul since 18 April for final preparations.

Among those participating in the mission are 18 Malaysians, including doctors, activists, and media personnel.

Additionally, six Indonesian citizens, including representatives from the Aqsa Working Group are also part of the mission with intentions to establish a mother and child hospital in Gaza City.

In addition to the Break The Siege mission, the FFC plans to embark on another voyage, named For the Children of Gaza, sailing to various European ports en route to Gaza to raise awareness about the plight of Palestinians.

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Please let them get to Gaza. Free Palestine 🇵🇸

Just hope Singapore don’t get carries with our Singapore tax payers money.

First we are told not to interfere in foreign affairs or politics.

2nd, we already know that 90% Palestinians support Hams terrorism. Does it have anything to do with us? What do you think?

Just be careful guys. You’re going to support a cause which the western world has closed it’s eyes on. You might find yourselves in the sea floating with life jackets on.

Let’s see if the Israelis will target them like WCK (World Central Kitchen). The US congress just gave them twenty plus billion dollars of “aid”, not to say of Biden considering giving them an additional $billion asap. I mean, after all, Biden kept reiterating that the US’ support for Israel is “Ironclad”, I repeat “Ironclad”. Tsk Tsk … so sad (for taxpaying Americans).

Good luck to them. Hope they make it and achieve all their objectives.