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Sri Lankan candidates being recruited for Auxiliary Police Officers in Singapore

Candidates from Sri Lanka are being recruited to become Auxiliary Police Officers (APOs) in Singapore, according to a recent announcement by the Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Agency (SLFEA). Advertised salaries for the 200 vacancies range from LKR 240,000 (S$1,080) to LKR 430,000 (S$1,940) for a 44-hour work week.



Singapore appears to be broadening its recruitment efforts by seeking Auxiliary Police Officers (APOs) from Sri Lanka, according to a recent announcement by the Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Agency (SLFEA).

The specific recruitment event was held on 16-17 April at the SLFEA office in Nawala.

The SLFEA, a government-owned subsidiary of the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment, in its poster, emphasized the benefits previously offered for these positions —  with only 200 vacancies.

These included salaries ranging from LKR 240,000 (S$1,080) to LKR 430,000 (S$1,940) for a standard 44-hour work week. Additional benefits highlighted were a two-month bonus after a two-year contract, free accommodation in Singapore, and paid airfare for travel between Sri Lanka and Singapore.

Succesful applications would need to pay pre-departure expenses of LKR 65,000 (around $300).

While the low pay has been a subject of discontent among many Sri Lankans commenting on the job offer, some have pointed out that the pay includes free lodging, which helps save a lot in an expensive city like Singapore.

Singapore’s Home Affairs and Law Minister, Mr K Shanmugam, in a written response to a parliamentary question by Ms Sylvia Lim on 10 January, shared that the Ministry of Home Affairs is considering further expanding the jurisdictions from which it can recruit APOs, including potential candidates from China, India, the Philippines, and Myanmar, to address these recruitment challenges.

Elaborating on the reasons for seeking APOs from abroad, Mr Shanmugam cited the shrinking local workforce and the stringent physical fitness requirements as primary challenges, alongside the alternative job options available to Singaporeans.

Mr Shanmugam provided insights into the demographic makeup of the APFs as of November 2023, noting that Singaporean APOs constituted approximately 68% of the force, with the remainder being Malaysians and Taiwanese.

It has been reported in Taiwanese media that Taiwanese officers are typically given a starting salary of 85,000 TWD, which is approximately S$3,600.

He acknowledged the decline in Taiwanese APOs, whose numbers have decreased by more than 60% from 2017 to 2023, now numbering about 70.

“The deployment of Taiwanese APOs has generally been positive for the APFs. However, the demanding nature of public-facing security work, coupled with better job opportunities and personal factors like family commitments and homesickness, have made recruitment and retention challenging,” Mr Shanmugam stated.

Gutzy Asia has written to the police for clarification on the matter and will provide an update if they respond.

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“Able to speak English”; what happens when they yelled “freeze” with they accent and you cannot understand, they start firing, because you disobeyed?

“Police clearance certificate” from where? You can buy that in Sri Lanka!

So, Singaporeans will be policed by foreigners!! Well, Singaporeans, you are f@cked!

Are we scrapping the proverbial bottom of the barrel?

I thought we already have the Gurkhas? Or are the Sri Lankans “cheaper”?

Soon we will have lots of Sri Lankan crabs.

Very delicious. By the way, is Shame a Sri Lankan?

Vivian B in Pinoyland signing deals galore..
Soon we might get some pinoy aux police too…and more coming to work here..

35K+ real estate agents and rising for a red dot island? why, money is good with 1 o 2 transactions at 2-4% commission of sale price.can survive anually, many getting into commercial sales as there is zero ABSD and SSD, ALL FOREIGNERS CAN BUY AND FLIP THE NEXT MOMENT with no penalty, only stamp duty and since commercial especially shophouses value are ever rising du to this, regulators need to stay relevant and diligent to address the ZERO ABSD AND SSD to instil in potential agents to avoid this route when the possible future of absd and ssd are implemented… Read more »

Excuses GALORE when the PAP Administration lack jokes to entertain Sheeps in Red Dot Sheepyards.

Damn expensive Million Dollars jokes to clown SG.

The fun will begin when language problems arise.
SGs wont be able to understand the sri lankan accent and the SL aux police wont be able to understand the fast local way SGs speak…(singlish🤣)
That alone can make a tense situation worse.
No wonder so many oredy left…
There must be a reason why our own sgs are not applying….

This is wrong for so many reasons. Law enforcement should remain with the resident population. Bringing in axillary police officers who are underpaid from the third world is only going to increase crime for our police force. The Malaysians working here as axillary are so unfit physically but they are able to go back to Johore to save their salaries. This is not something that the Sri Lankans or Taiwanese can do. Please use technology instead of humans. Train our own citizens in the use of AI. Smart Nation should not have a need for increased foreign labour. The reliance… Read more »

“stringent physical fitness requirements as primary challenges”

Physical fitness is a PRIMARY recruitment challenge for locals? Hellooo … you mean our men who all do NS are not fit? If that is the case, we have bigger problems. Would suggest recruiting foreigners to fill our NS ranks as well. I mean, why not?

Say already… Those expanding their empire will find local or foreigners willing or subtly enslave for their agenda. No?!? Those unwilling to be enslaved …靠边站。No?!? It all start from the Loong empire and his slavery. Anyone dare to admit?!?

This article is not true. The writer should check with SLFEA and avoid misleading info posted out. Very unprofessional of Gutzy

Let’s see how factual this is? Let’s see.

Last edited 1 month ago by Mateo

Botak gave a lot of reasons to recruit foreigners AuxAP, esp those of Taiwanese, why they left. But where are the hard facts, figures, statistics to BACK UP his HOLLOW CLAIMS?

And why is that so he explained, sure Sheeps deserve better answers and explanations. Was it poor morale, or lousy work environment, or F’ed colleagues? Or superiors lack leadership skills contributing to many police officers suicides?

Come on BASTARD PAP, don’t pull wool over SGpns. Give solid answers – not hollow excuses.