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Student hit by car at zebra crossing outside Bukit View Secondary School

Caught on camera, a student’s attempt to cross outside Bukit View Secondary School turned perilous as a passing car collided with her at a zebra crossing. The incident sparked online outcry, with social media users condemning the driver’s negligence.



Student Hit by Car at Zebra Crossing Sparks Outcry Over Driver Negligence

SINGAPORE: A student’s attempt to cross at a zebra crossing outside Bukit View Secondary School turned perilous as a passing car failed to notice her presence, leading to a collision that sent her tumbling to the ground.

The distressing incident unfolded on Tuesday (16 April) outside Bukit View Secondary School, captured by SG Road Vigilante – SGRV in footage shared online.

The video depicted a student, attired in what appeared to be a school uniform, navigating a zebra crossing under the guidance of a traffic warden.

Tragically, an approaching vehicle failed to notice the student, resulting in a collision that knocked her over.

The incident, occurring at approximately 7:05 am, unfolded near the school premises.

Dashcam footage from a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction revealed the student’s brisk attempt to cross the zebra crossing.

Despite the traffic warden’s efforts to signal oncoming vehicles, the driver of a white Honda Vezel appeared oblivious to the student’s presence, leading to the collision that sent her airborne before she landed on the ground.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) confirmed that they were alerted to the accident around 7:10 am.

Paramedics swiftly conveyed the injured student to the National University Hospital (NUH) for medical attention.

Netizens condemn driver’s negligence at school zebra crossing

In response to the video, social media users voiced condemnation towards the driver’s apparent negligence.

Many Facebook commenters criticized the driver for failing to exercise caution and observe the zebra crossing.

One user emphasized the importance of slowing down at zebra crossings and traffic junctions, even when no pedestrians are visible or when traffic lights are favorable.

They questioned why some drivers fail to exercise caution in such situations.


Another commenter highlighted the standard operating procedure (SOP) of slowing down at pedestrian crossings and criticized the driver for not adhering to it.


A different perspective emerged, with a user pointing out that regardless of the presence of a traffic warden, drivers should approach zebra crossings with caution, especially in a school zone.

They questioned how the driver could have failed to notice the student crossing, given that their view was unobstructed.


However, some users shifted blame to the traffic warden.

One comment suggested that the traffic warden could have been more vigilant in observing the traffic situation and ensuring pedestrians only crossed when it was safe to do so.

They noted the warden’s lack of urgency in responding to the accident.


A netizen acknowledged the driver’s fault but also attributed blame to both the pedestrian and the traffic warden.

They argued that while the driver was at fault, pedestrians should also be vigilant, and traffic wardens should ensure that pedestrians only cross when it is safe to do so.


Road safety guidelines for school zones and crossings

In accordance with guidelines from the Land Transport Authority (LTA), vehicles are required to reduce their speed within School Zones to ensure the safety of school-going children.

The speed limit within these zones is capped at 40km/h, with the “40km/h When Lights Flash” sign indicating when this reduced speed limit is in effect.

Furthermore, the Road Traffic Rules specify the responsibilities of cyclists, mobility vehicle users, and Personal Mobility Device (PMD) riders when approaching pedestrian or zebra crossings.

According to these rules, they must approach such crossings at a speed that allows them to come to a complete stop before reaching the crossing.

Additionally, when already at the crossing, they are required to halt and carefully assess oncoming traffic before proceeding.

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It seemed that plenty of careless drivers around and their licence need to be revoked by authority

I think today everyone is on the phone so they are losing their natural instincts of survival. On most crossing, people are looking at the “green guy, ” when they should be directing their attention on the traffic and cross only when all vehicles come to a stop. You have to watch out for yourself and not depend on a system or a warden. Parents have to teach this crucial lesson to their kids but then many parents are busy on the phones themselves when crossing so the children will be mimicking them. So expect more accidents.

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For me, the 3 parties share some blame with the driver the most culpable. I think he (driver) will go to jail. 1) the warden is a poor excuse of a safety warden. It boggles the mind that he did not control the situation well: a) he should hold back any pedestrian before all vehicles have stopped b) he should be waving his lighted stick and walk towards the middle of the road to ensure traffic is at standstill. c) only then would he allow the girl to cross the road d) and the reaction of the warden after the… Read more »

It is quite normal

Sotong driver is obviously dreaming – didn’t even slow down approaching the X-ing.

LTA has failed miserably even with zebra crossing & school warden. But to them accidents & deaths is JUST A NUMBER.I have 1 solution that can even prevent RECKLESS DRIVERS to obey ROAD RULES. This I must say that LTA MUST ADMIT THEMSELVES INEFFICIENT FIRST. Try my suggestion first & all will be surprised. This is a $MS SUGGESTION.

This white car driver prepares to have a changi staycation.
He drove his car blindly to exchange for a sponsored changi staycation. He destroys his own life.
For the little girl, she has paid the price and learned the painful lesson for not checking traffic before crossing the road.
Papa and mama feeling heart pain after watching this video. Their girl was thrown into the air upon impact like in a game of bowling.

With the Police sleeping 24/7, motorists can do whatever they want on Singapore roads.

That includes racing and speeding, even on neighbourhood streets.

Now we see this type of careless behaviour shifting from nighttime to daytime.

In some foreign countries pedestrians were advised to look out for cars even when crossing a zebra crossing as it’s normal for cars to drive through under normal circumstances.Singaporean drivers who went through SG stringent driving test regime will never do such stupid deed .Can the said driver be a foreigner/ PR/new citizens.Your guess is as good as any concerning true blue citizens out there.So sad to witness such bad things do happen in our once Sunny Singapore more than once lately.

Driver is in hot hot soup..

So what was the warden doing?

he should receive a sue! And the school leadership….

where are you?