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Lee Hsien Yang questions Lawrence Wong’s authority amidst leadership transition

Lee Hsien Yang questions the power dynamics within Singapore’s ruling party as his elder brother, Lee Hsien Loong, prepares to step down after 20 years in power, raising doubts about whether the new PM, Lawrence Wong, will truly have autonomy or remain under LHL’s influence.



In a recent Facebook post, Mr Lee Hsien Yang (LHY) raised questions about prospective leadership dynamics within Singapore’s ruling party following his estranged brother, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (LHL), announcing his decision to hand his position to Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Lawrence Wong.

LHL, who has led Singapore for two decades since 2004, is set to step down on 15 May and transition into the role of Senior Minister.

This shift places Mr Lawrence Wong at the forefront as the incoming Prime Minister.

However, LHY’s post casts doubt on whether  Mr Wong will wield full authority or if the outgoing Prime Minister will continue to exert significant influence, especially within the People’s Action Party (PAP).

“PM Lee Hsien Loong will become SM Lee Hsien Loong. So can Lawrence Wong really call the shots?” LHY wrote, suggesting potential continuity in leadership influence beyond the formal titles.

Prior to entering politics in 2011, Mr Wong served as the Principal Private Secretary to LHL from 2005 to 2008 and was in the civil service since August 1997.

Many have voiced their concerns over whether Mr Wong is serving as a placeholder PM, similar to how former PM Goh Chok Tong was for LHL.

Free rein and calling the shots

The context of LHY’s scepticism is understandable, given the Lee family’s unquestioned hold on politics in Singapore since its independence in 1965 and his personal experience with the family’s power.

But what’s most intriguing is the use of words in his latest Facebook post, notably highlighted during the 2021 defamation suit between LHL and journalist Terry Xu.

The suit centred around allegations of misleading statements concerning the family home at 38 Oxley Road, a property of significant historical and political importance.

In the end, the court ruled that an article published by Xu was defamatory against LHL by repeating the false claims of LHL’s siblings concerning the house, but it did not determine who misled LKY to believe that the Singapore government had gazetted his house.

It was revealed during the trial that the late LKY had written in an email that he “cannot call the shots” regarding the fate of 38 Oxley Road, as his son, LHL, who is the Prime Minister, “has the final word.”

Further evidence revealed during the hearing showed that LKY’s lawyer, Kwa Kim Li, had made handwritten notes saying, “Lee Hsien Loong has free rein” and “He (Lee Hsien Loong) can handle Cabinet” in her email correspondence with the founding Prime Minister on the matter of the will.

To add another level of complexity, Ms Kwa, the niece of the late Mr LKY’s wife Kwa Geok Choo, the lawyer responsible for drafting six of LKY’s seven wills from 2011 to 2012, was later sued by LHY and Lee Wei Ling for her handling of the will.

Subsequently, a disciplinary tribunal ordered Ms Kwa to pay a S$5,000 penalty for failing to “scrupulously safeguard” the late Mr Lee’s confidentiality while managing his will. Additionally, she was fined S$8,000 for misleading Mr. Lee Hsien Yang and Dr. Lee Wei Ling in an email response to their inquiries.

The tribunal found that Ms Kwa had neglected to mention her late 2013 communications with Mr Lee Kuan Yew in an email inquiry concerning the creation of his seventh will.

Although Ms Kwa claimed that Mr Lee had not requested any modifications to his will after the sixth iteration and that she was unaware of the seventh will’s formulation, the tribunal determined that her failure to mention the November and December 2013 communications was misleading.

This omission gave the false impression that she was uninformed about the circumstances leading to the seventh will, which contradicted the tribunal’s finding that Mr Lee had indeed instructed a change to his will—a claim Ms Kwa denied.

It bears noting that before this finding against Ms Kwa in May 2023 — particularly against the claim that she had nothing to do with the seventh will, the Attorney General’s Chambers, headed by LHL’s former lawyer Lucien Wong, filed a complaint against LHY’s wife, Mrs Lee Suet Fern (LSF) in 2019.

The AGC claimed that LSF appeared to have prepared LKY’s last will and arranged for its execution despite her husband, LHY, being one of the beneficiaries under that will.

The displinary tribunal who heard the complaint, said in its 206-page grounds of decision that the facts exposed an “unsavoury tale” of how LSF and LHY had misled the LKY to sign a new will without the advice of his usual lawyer, Ms Kwa, who had prepared all six of his previous wills.

Ultimately, LSF was suspended for 15 months in November 2020 following the verdict by a Court of Three Judges.

Just a few words, yet they carry the weight of years of historical and familial conflict.

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It is going to b interesting to know who is going to the next deputy PM after Lawrence Wong took over as the next PM n he should b careful to choose the deputy

Dont forget to add in Putin and the Iran terrorist leaders name as well.

In today’s work arrangement this is called ‘hot desking.’.

as tomorrow comes someone else will be occupying the seat!

also when lky pass the seat to gct he kept his word n pass but this time is different lw got betrayed so many times, long still can backtrack again even when a date is set

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Now that we know Shyun Tsai is going to be new man in charge, don’t expect too much.

Same old, same old. Life goes on lo!!!

Many seem excited at the prospect of a new PM, and many seem rather enamoured by LawLan, … just as they did when they voted in the new President !!!

Which means, the GE will be a foregone conclusion, … which we all, deep deep down know !!!

SillyPoreans, the majority in any case, … just aren’t ready to give up on a “good thing”, yet !!!

It is what it is !!!

Yea and the Yang overlords in Australia will oso continue being the pretend Oppo. Sorry Not into the Loong Yang Dynasty. Just pretending and see which cup the victim falls into and “use” as shield. I clearly state since you LKY SAGA. I AM NOT YOUR Entity to be used but those who spawn it just need to keep it in any of their group cups to claim …

Dun need to. The Australian stabbing is the terrorist acts of the rainbow group and govt black white group. Period!!!!!

We all know Pinky Ah Gua is still going to call the shots from behind the curtains lah. Laolan Wong is just another seat warmer and a face to put on picture frames. Seen too many of this Lee dynasty drama already.

Last edited 1 month ago by Mateo

The reason for Civil War is too many empires are self serving and wanna enslave others so that they can gain and not lose. No?!? So many hidden agenda. Tell them No, they spawn from your family members to corner you. That is the kind of leadership then wanna hookwink others are say serving all when it is only their groups. Just like Tan See leng … Cannot even publish the employment statistics with all the details … Becos they left the used sgreans for dead outside to play their political game while importing from elsewhere to prop up their… Read more »

Of cos I cannot stop these Empires and DyNasties intruding into my family to steal entities shield. Can I ?!?

Tell me who is the selfish Ones?!?

So I state clearly I am not DemoRats entity especially under the Biden, Loong and LW three second wives club overlords!

The US side take Long under Trump for Melanie look alike and the Chi-na take Na. No?!? I dun represent the Loong or Lawrence Wong or his wife. I am not their shields … Like all rich ppl entitlement. No?!?

You democrats mothers just each take one from my family as shields can already. No?!? Spawn so many just to used as shields or scapegoats. No?!? I do not want to be used by you Rich entitled politicians for your agenda. Which part of what I say you cannot understand!?!?

Can do right by ppl, just go around Overlording others. All becos of what you pipelines of collecting nuclear codes to have a right to purge others. Shameful!

I am not the entity of Loong Nor Biden so stop trying to overlord others with your empire bullshit!!?!!

O why Terry never publish what I write. Censor opinion again?!?

What you need to know about the new PM??
He is a member of the Loong dynasty and Biden empire. No?!?
He represent the interest of these two groups
He dun represent the people and the livelihood concern of the ppl.
He operate under an overlord style just like Loong and Biden. No?!?
I doubt his compassionate ground since he only know how to increase GST and inflation still ongoing.
I doubt his fast learning cos mostly carry out by various teams not just him.

O why Terry never publish what I write. Censor opinion again?!?

What you need to know about the new PM??

He is a member of the Loong dynasty and Biden empire. No?!?
He represent the interest of these two groups
He dun represent the people and the livelihood concern of the ppl.
He operate under an overlord style just like Loong and Biden. No?!?
I doubt his compassionate ground since he only know how to increase GST and inflation still ongoing.
I doubt his fast learning cos mostly carry out by various teams not just him.

All you need to know about Lawrence Wong. A proxy of Biden and Loong empire. Compassionate?!? Raise GST on ppl, did not control inflation in food prices … How can he be compassionate?!? Fast learner probably, since at the Top position like Loong … Of cos need to be Fast but it i stage team “supporting” him. Most politicians are copy homework from each other so the fast is just the same like Truong my lan copying from our Mrs Lee … No?!? Spawn plenty of projects with their demi gods?!? No?!?

Fuck you CB Yang. You are in no position to comment! You are a fucking fugitive! A criminal! Who the fuck wants to listen to a criminal! We the majority of Singaporeans reject you out right. You got no balls to come back to Singapore then shut the fuck up. You got balls, come back and say what you want to say in front of your brother in his face! No balls right? Then just shut up! We the majority wholeheartedly support PM Lee to stay in the Cabinet! Without his experience and good relationships with ASEAN leaders, Singapore will… Read more »

Behind him is a remote control held by the new SM? Like father like son? Father did a good job to uplift SG, the other one I cannot say much, if any at all

the media reporting all the tributes by the ministars about how wonderful PM lee is…guiding and working to make sg a thriving place etc etc etc..(🤮)
The ministars are just as spineless..they diminshed all the hard work they put in as well ..
I wonder what they really think of him , but cannot say🤭🤫☹️

You n your family cannot come back .

The 60s said so .

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This fucker Yang forever going to be like this….from Ridout to KOM to this LW take over, only know how to from OUTSIDE STIR SHIT.
Did not dare officially join any opposition party when he could.
This kind of fucker better don’t come back ,in any case, the moment he try, straight go Changi resort this time!😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣

We need change and the power is in our hands and at the ballot box. Enough of these repeats at our costs. Shameless PAP!

Lawless Wong is a PM in name.

Lawless Wong is a Technical PM.

Lawless Wong is a Puppet PM.

Lawless Wong is a Trustee PM.

In action Lawless Wong is a Pseudo PM.