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Russian influencer’s take on Malaysian friendliness spurs TikTok discussion

Russian influencer Max Petrovskii, known as marilyn_ruv, sparked a lively debate on TikTok by sharing his views on the friendliness of Malaysians. Comparing his experiences in Malaysia and Thailand, he noted a scarcity of smiles, prompting diverse reactions from netizens.



Russian influencer's take on Malaysian friendliness spurs TikTok discussion

MALAYSIA: Russian influencer Max Petrovsckii, popularly known as @Marilyn_ruv, sparked a lively online discussion recently when he shared his thoughts on the perceived friendliness of Malaysians.

Through a video posted on TikTok, Max recounted feeling a bit out of place and observing a scarcity of smiles among the locals during his time in Malaysia.

In the video, Max expressed his views on the contrast between the social interactions in Malaysia and those in Thailand, where he had previously lived.

He remarked, “Walking here in Malaysia, I just really got one thing, people here are not… I don’t think it’s that about friendly, but they don’t smile to each other a lot.”

“I’ve lived in Thailand and I’m used to a lot of attention and people smiling at each other,” he added.

Max juxtaposed his experiences, noting that in Thailand, people were more prone to smiling freely and openly, creating a warmer social atmosphere.

He elaborated that the generosity of smiles in Thailand made encounters with strangers feel more inviting and pleasant.

The influencer admitted feeling somewhat unsettled by the perceived lack of smiles in Malaysia, describing it as “weird and uncomfortable.”

He attributed this observation to a potential cultural difference, speculating, “I know there are a lot of laws here and very strict laws…but the people here are like a little nervous.”

However, despite his observations, Max also emphasized his positive overall impression of Malaysia.

In the video’s caption, he acknowledged the country’s beauty and charm, stating, “Not really anything bad, just feel like that, generally country is so really nice and beautiful.”


Not really anything bad, just feel like that, generally country so really nice and beautifel #travel #fyp #foryou #foryoupage

♬ original sound – Marilyn_ruv

Russian influencer’s video sparks diverse reactions on TikTok

Since its upload on Thursday (11 April), the video has garnered significant attention, amassing over 39 thousand views and eliciting more than 1.5 thousand comments from TikTok users.

One user shared a thoughtful perspective, noting that they typically respond with a smile only if others initiate the gesture first.

“Not smiling doesn’t mean we’re not friendly,” they emphasized, highlighting the nuanced nature of social interactions.


Another user chimed in, explaining that the bustling pace of city life often leaves little room for spontaneous smiles or eye contact.

They clarified that in less hectic areas, such as quieter streets, a more welcoming atmosphere can be experienced.

Addressing the climate, some netizens attributed the perceived lack of smiles to the sweltering heat.

“Bro, it’s so hot and sunny here in Malaysia,” one user remarked, suggesting that the oppressive weather might deter people from smiling while navigating the streets.

Another user proposed that language barriers could contribute to the perceived standoffishness, expressing a fear of communication due to limited English proficiency.

They admitted to walking briskly and avoiding eye contact out of apprehension about engaging in conversation with foreigners.

Contrasting these viewpoints, one user shared a positive experience, describing Malaysians as among the warmest and most welcoming people they’ve encountered.


Their sentiment highlights the diversity of perspectives and experiences within Malaysian society, emphasizing the importance of recognizing individual differences amidst cultural observations.

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