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Tragic stabbing incident in Sydney leaves five victims dead

Six dead in a stabbing spree at Sydney’s Bondi Junction Westfield. The assailant was shot by police. Among the victims, a mother and her baby were seriously injured.



Image of the aftermath of the stabbing incident and a photo of the perpetrator shared on X/Twitter

SYDNEY: A tragic incident unfolded this Saturday at Bondi Junction Westfield, a prominent shopping centre in Sydney, resulting in six fatalities, including the assailant.

The scene turned chaotic as reports came in of a male assailant brandishing a knife and attacking shoppers.

The New South Wales Police responded to distress calls around 4 p.m. local time, as witnesses described a horrifying scene with a man aggressively wielding a “big blade” throughout the shopping center.

A shopper, identified only as Jason, recounted the terror of seeing the attacker with the weapon and the subsequent police response that ended in the attacker being shot and receiving immediate medical attention.

Among the victims were a mother and her nine-month-old baby, both treated for stab wounds. The baby, severely injured, was urgently transported to Sydney Children’s Hospital.

The shopping centre was swiftly placed under lockdown, with patrons hiding in stores until it was safe to evacuate under the protection of armed tactical response teams.

Overhead footage captured by TV helicopters showed a significant police presence, including teams navigating the rooftops to secure the area.

Assistant Commissioner Anthony Cooke, in a press briefing following the event, confirmed that the attacker was neutralized by a quick-acting police officer.

“She confronted the offender… He turned, faced her, raised a knife, and she discharged a firearm, resulting in his death,” he explained.

Authorities have declared the incident a “critical incident” with ongoing investigations to determine the motive behind the attack.

Preliminary inquiries suggest the attacker acted alone, alleviating concerns of any further threat.

Emergency services were overwhelmed as they managed the scene, with multiple victims transported to local hospitals; their conditions remain unclear.

The community is in shock, and officials urge the public to avoid the area to allow emergency teams to manage the aftermath.

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