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The Troubling Reality: 94.5% of 2023 jobs bypass Singaporeans amidst refusal to clarify employment figures

In 2023, a staggering 94.5% of new jobs went to non-Singaporeans, sparking debate. The government’s hesitancy to provide detailed employment breakdowns of Singaporeans and Permanent Residents raises concerns about the true impact on Singaporean workers in a rapidly changing job market.



by Foong Swee Fong

Earlier in March, the Ministry of Manpower revealed that total employment for 2023 grew by 88,400, of which 83,500, or 94.5%, went to foreigners, while 5.5% went to the resident population, which includes Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PRs).

Speaking in Parliament on 2 April, Mr Gerald Giam of the Worker’s Party asked Manpower Minister Tan See Leng if he is concerned that the substantial expenditure incurred by the government to create jobs—including efforts by the Economic Development Board (EDB) to attract foreign direct investments and the extensive tax incentives given to multinational companies (MNCs)—benefits foreigners and MNCs disproportionately, rather than Singaporeans.

In reply, Minister Tan said that the local workforce is “for all intents and purposes, very close to full employment” and that for the economy to grow, it must have access to the foreign workforce. Denying businesses access to it, he argued, would dampen growth, which is “myopic”. He went on to say that today is a pivotal moment in the midst of disruptions and transformations in the world, for us to work together to seize the day, and “build a thriving metropolis for our successive generations.”

Mr Leong Mun Wai of the Progress Singapore Party thanked the minister, which I sense with a tinge of sarcasm, for his “enthusiastic response”.

He pointed out that the minister’s reply is “not complete” as it does not break down the jobs that went to residents into Singaporeans and PRs, to which the minister accused him of rehashing the old “us-versus-them, Singaporeans-versus-PRs” debate and asked him to file a separate Parliamentary Question.

To sum up, the minister claims that putting a dampener on growth when employment is full is myopic. Mr Giam and Mr Leong, on the other hand, are deeply perturbed that the bulk of the jobs created do not directly benefit Singaporeans.

As an ordinary working-class Singaporean, I, too, am deeply perturbed that the jobs created did not go to Singaporeans.

Firstly, although Minister Tan claims that we are near full employment, many Grab drivers, deliverers, security guards, and service providers are doing the jobs they are doing not because they are suitably qualified, but because they have been displaced in their former jobs by hungrier foreigners.

After all, why would employers pay more for a Singaporean when they can pay less for a foreigner, or for the same wage, get a Singaporean who is not as compliant as a foreigner who, being less secure in a foreign country, is more inclined to comply? These displaced Singaporeans are, by and large, over-qualified for what they are doing and are technically underemployed.

Besides, there’s a sizable number of Singaporeans who have given up looking for a job, and therefore are not counted as unemployed, due to difficult and undignified working conditions, as well as low pay.

If Minister Tan is going to spend taxpayers’ money to create jobs, he should target these displaced Singaporeans rather than foreigners.

Secondly, the government has to be very cautious when they interfere in the free market. If they stick to their rightful roles of safeguarding the sovereignty of the nation, protecting the country from external threats, maintaining internal law and order, building and maintaining public infrastructure, providing public education, medical care, and housing, and leave Singaporeans to seek out the best opportunities for themselves, given their inclinations and talents, they will generally find the most suitable careers for themselves.

However, if the government subsidizes foreign MNCs, government-linked companies (GLCs), certain sectors of the economy but not others, and distorts the job market by flooding the country with foreign workers and allowing some sectors more access than others, they will be diverting a huge amount of public and private funds, land, and labor, which may not necessarily play to the strengths of the nation.

The fact is that huge amounts of resources have been diverted, and they have encouraged investments in industries that do not play to the strengths of Singaporeans. How else can it be that almost 95% of the jobs created last year went to foreigners?

The 83,500 foreign workers will add to the congestion, social problems, and cost of living for Singaporeans, thereby adding to their hardship. But these are costs external to their employers, so they are not bothered by them. Minister Tan, being elected by the people to create a Singapore that is conducive to the fulfillment of their potential, ought to be cognizant and not dismiss those who question the influx of foreign workers as “myopic”.

The economic growth thus created will not benefit the Singaporean worker but will benefit rich investors, the banks, and property owners, in other words, the rentier class. In the long run, such a path is myopic as it is not sustainable because a rentier is like a parasite, eating the host hollow from the inside.

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These ministers cannot out of convenience ignored the very fact/basis ground sentiments that jobs should be given to the citizens first and not just brush aside without empathy ignoring welfare of these voters. I guess there isn’t a good answer then but you cannot shut the opposition MP from representing the people who are interested to know what actually went wrong and why the state isn’t taking care of their pockets but their own actual pockets instead.

Is Sg SPR? What’s so difficult about it?

Being a corop “minister” not doing his skillful job benefiting from healthcare scams, he is qualified manpower minister

In any country the worse, if it was a developed country supposedly calling itself FIRST World, having 10 to 20 % of jobs taken by FTs is really not acceptable. 30%…something is wrong ….very wrong..with the system or its citizens. 40%…looks like the locals are not interested in working anymore…hopeless liao…they are either dead, going die or migrated already. 50%…oh no…this is really a gone case for the locals. 60%…ppl are wondering HOW the locals are surviving, they must be thinking the state welfare MUST BE BETTER THAN THE SWISS! 70%…the locals must almost all have migrated out of their… Read more »

It seems that the country is approaching the inflection point where companies are no longer interested in hiring locals because of the difficulty of finding the right “talent.” So they opt to hire foreigners. Why is that? I have some ideas. 1) Demographic decline. There are fewer workers entering the workforce with each passing year. Companies are so reluctant to hire older retrenched workers, a running theme yet unsolved since the Global Financial Crisis in 2008. 2) Rising costs. It obviously costs a company money to hire and train a local worker. Meanwhile, they can hire a foreigner who already… Read more »

A good friend of mine told me the other day why he appreciates the government’s foreign talent policy. His is a SME. The Filipino and Indian staff he has are all loyal and diligent workers. They don’t gossip or talk back behind others. It’s the Singaporean workers who are the worst, he told me. Lazy, talk bad about others, always want a pay raise. Not happy just resign. He has so many Singaporeans going in and out of his company that he has lost count. But the foreign staff remain loyal and hardworking and stay with him through thick and… Read more »

SG ranked 5th “smartest” city in the world…zurich is no 1.
SMART CITY in technoloy used…but the people still isnt smart enough . Use too much technology and not using their brains to think smart where it really matters.

Singaporeans don’t need to be clever one lah. They only need to be intelligent for low level jobs like a pap IB. The better jobs leave it to the foreigners. Last election we see how good our education was able to make 61% of Singaporeans believe and agree to anything the white uniformed ministers say without asking any questions. As long as Singaporeans reduce their intelligence believe whatever the white uniforms say and don’t ask questions, they’ll agree that they got no skills, no standard and no experience that employers are looking for despite Singapore’s education being well ranked in… Read more »

Fuck you people lah. Singapore NEED TALENTS!!!! If all the talents leave Singapore, Singapore will sink! You mother fuckers will all drop into the sea!!! Stupid oppie!!

What Happen to the Rest of the PAP Mps. No comments on such Employment matters concerning our Employment and Survival. They are elected and voted in Parliament to represent us… And are highly Paid. What the Points of Voting them if they remain silence on this Critical Debates concerning our Livinghood being given to Foreigners. Are they not doing their Duties as expected from their Constituencies. It is a Waste of taxpayers Monies to have Non performing PAP MPs not Questioning The Minister Tan See Leng On transparency and the Real truths in this Employment Inequality . It’s not Cheap… Read more »

Expect them to defend the indefensible – that’s why the Kayu Son pays his Monkeys million$ salary. The Golden Prince has proven to be an expensive dud.

The typical minister behaviour of playing word gymnastics to avoid giving a straight forward answer reflects how the PAP ministers think very lowly of the opposition and Singaporeans too.

I, like many people, are tuned off whenever ministers give their “brilliant” non-answers. Do note that I say “tuned off” not “turned off”. That’s because I have come to the stage where I believe what comes out of their mouths are not worth listening.

And the coming GE will be a suitable platform for us to pass our message of dissatisfaction and disgust to these ministers.

In other civilised nations theyll already be history…ousted by the betrayed citizens..
Here majority of citizens are like nkorea…so controlled body & mind…unable to do or say anything…
We need to break out from the virtual not advocating protests or violence but start by using your ONE PRECIOUS VOTE well.

Can’t wait for the cotton & pineapple lose their jobs. tsk tsk tsk

If they cant solve birth rate problems, job problems, cost of living , why are sinkies paying them $million of salaries?

VTO ! please

Traitors paid and vote by Singaporeans but create jobs for foreigners. The biggest betrayal of all time.

Simple question can answer within 2 minutes with data. Yet this TSL diverted to dun know where grandmothers story. His body language also tells a lot, hor. So clear he is hiding something.

Our economy has changed since LKY was mentor. Shipyards kaput Oil rigs kaput Semi conductors kaput So, what else, how else to grow..?? Casino Laundromat But these are (in a way) more recent. Since then, it has been construction. ANY construction HDB public housing LTA MRT lines, expressways and now more MRT lines and expressways ( NS corridor) These are very long term projects And they give business to construction related companies Heavy lifting equipment Trucks, lorries, cement trucks Terminal 4 is part of this long term, self created building project. Over time, buildings will be torn down and rebuilt… Read more »

You can see the lizard’s face is all RED!

So what does it says? Difficult to trust?

What’s more revealing, and shocking at the same time is that, … nobody, and I do mean nobody, on the democratically elected government side, are at all interested or inclined, … to disclose the real employment stats !!!

They’ll dodge, deviate, deflect and even dish out insults when challenged, … anything and everything, but reveal the truth !!!

Transparency, honesty and responsibility, … decided to stay at home today, and prepare itself for a long “hibernation” !!!

And this is, … what the majority voted for !!!

In short, TSL has proven to be just another of Loong’s million$ FAILURE monkeys.

Said earlier, MoM MUST present a complete breakdown of employments for Singaporeans, SPRa and foreigners, for everyone to see. Also same to unemployments. Paid million dollars, he cannot just reveal the figures in general. If he really do, what is the point to elect him as a minister? Anyone on the street may have done the same job better than him. It is only open mouth to make voices anyway….lol… singing. Besides that, workplace accidents are also rising. The people really would love to see the opposition representatives keep on pressing him to come out with details on employment, unemployment… Read more »

You local fucks have been sleeping ….for far too long and deserve it ever since Kenneth said after 2015 election…” THE VOTERS DESERVED THE GOV THEY VOTED FOR, I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ANY MORE COMPLAINTS’
That said, I think the % is still too low….IT SHOULD BE 99.5% OF JOBS WENT TO FOREIGNERS IN 2023!

It’s common law. It’s universal concept, society survival formula – that EVIL POLITICIANS are NON transparent, SECRETIVE and CRAVE to PROTECT themselves from BACKLASH and Citizens Justice REVENGE.

Is PAP Administration ANY DIFFERENT?

Crooks Inc lying thru their teeth again.