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Van crushed in Sengkang crane incident; Driver taken to hospital

In Sengkang, a van driver narrowly escaped as a crane collapsed nearby on Tuesday afternoon. SCDF responded at 4.55 pm to the construction site on Punggol Road. One person was taken to Sengkang General Hospital for treatment.



SINGAPORE: In Sengkang on Tuesday afternoon (9 April), a van driver narrowly escaped a harrowing fate as a crane collapsed perilously close to him.

Eyewitnesses at a construction site on Punggol Road, near Compassvale Street, observed with dread as the crane lost its balance, extending its arm across the road and crashing onto the van, leaving it crumpled beyond recognition.

Emergency medical teams arrived at the scene, alerted to the accident at 4.55 pm by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).

Eyewitnesses recounted the heart-stopping moment when the driver, in a split-second decision, leapt out of the van mere moments before the crane’s impact.

One individual was transported to Sengkang General Hospital for treatment.

According to the Straits Times, at approximately 7:20 pm, a contingent of six construction workers, adorned in fluorescent vests and helmets, arrived at the scene of the accident.

By 7:45 pm, the crane remained stationary, yet to be relocated.

The construction site falls under the oversight of the national water agency, PUB.

A spokesperson from the Ministry of Manpower confirmed that an investigation into the incident was underway.

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Removal and repairs works at site.
Insurance claims.
Hospital/medical services for any injured.
Lawyers employed to sue and counter-sue.
Million$ ministers coming out to explain this and explain that.
MOM, safety inspectors, investigators, SPF, etc… must be deployed.

Indeed, using cheaper workers DO generate more jobs for Singaporeans, hor. Meaningful jobs too.

Cheap labour at it’s best. The PAP way.

Now theyll blame everything on those poor fws…
The contractors , supervisors and safety officers all tiduring?

Want to bet the crane operator is a $1200-qualified worker doing what is supposed to be a $3500-qualified job? Pappinomics of growing GDP with cheap labor, hor.

So which ah neh or ah Tiong FT, did the wrong thing?
MOM Tan See Leng whose ministry is in-charge of such issue going to make a statement?
Ah Tan cannot say anything lah but act BLUR…AFTERALL IT WAS HIM WHO LET IN 94.5% FTs like these!😆😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣

Million Dollars useless bastards fraud SG. Food hygiene violations happening daily. One fine day, just ONE RASCAL with an axe to grind will resort to POISON his diners. And one won’t find the PAP Administration is to be blamed.

The end result of cheapest of three tenders.

Where is the 9% GST going? Definitely not into improving the quality of Singapore’s construction industry.

In the future Japan, South Korea and Taiwan might develop remote-controlled or autonomous construction vehicles and export this technology throughout the world as a flagship industry.

Meanwhile Singapore will still need to recruit hundreds of thousands of migrant workers from South and South East Asia.