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Indonesian influencer issues apology after Bruno Mars concert spat incident

Una Dembler, an Indonesian influencer, recently apologized for her actions at a Bruno Mars concert in Singapore’s National Stadium. The altercation, captured by Sabrina Sim, involved Una allegedly spitting on fellow concertgoers during a queue dispute.



Indonesian influencer issues apology following Bruno Mars concert dispute

SINGAPORE: Indonesian influencer Una Dembler recently issued a public apology following a controversial incident at a Bruno Mars concert in Singapore’s National Stadium.

The altercation occurred on 5 April, when attendees were queuing for entry into the standing pen area.

In a video captured and shared by Singaporean influencer Sabrina Sim, Una Dembler is seen engaging in a dispute with fellow concertgoers who were seated in the queue.

Allegedly, after being instructed to join the back of the line, Una spat on one of the individuals involved in the disagreement.

Sim later explained on TikTok that her group confronted Una after she attempted to cut the queue.

“She told us, ‘I’m waiting for my friend’,” Sim wrote.

“So we told her nicely, ‘This is the front of the queue though, you can go to the back of the queue and wait for your friend’.

Despite their polite request for her to join the back of the line, the situation escalated, resulting in the spitting incident.

“But clearly, she wasn’t too happy with being called out even though she was the one who shamelessly tried to cut the queue. Got spit on in the end.”

The video quickly gained traction on social media, amassing 2.5 millions of views, with many expressing support for Sim and urging her to report the incident to the authorities.


tldr: she just sat her buttocks down infront of the guy who queued infront of us. that guy had no friends with him as he was going for standing pen alone. so we stood up for him and called her out. then she told us “im waiting for my friend”, so we told her nicely “this is the front of the queue though, you can go to the back of the queue and wait for your friend” but clearly she wasnt too happy with being called out even though she was the one who shamelessly tried to cut the queue. got spit on in the end… kinda kinky but guys pls remember that covid is still a thing. all i can say is… those attending on 6 april, please be considerate and try your best not to be selfish to others attending the concert 🫤 #tiktoksg #sgtiktok #singapore #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #trending #viral #brunomars #brunomarssingapore #brunomarsinsingapore @Mothership

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Una faced widespread criticism online, prompting her to address the backlash on her Instagram account.

In her response, Una disputed the accuracy of the circulated video, claiming that she had not intentionally attempted to cut the queue but was waiting for a friend who had gone to the bathroom.

She also alleged that someone had thrown rice at her, leading to her emotional outburst.

“I was mad and it is wrong to get emotional and spit at her. Sadly, I don’t have the video (of her) throwing rice (at) me,” Una said.

“Please hear my side, too. I know I was wrong to spit on her but I didn’t mean to cut the queue. I will learn from this and I really regret this. I’m sorry… So sorry.”

Sim, however, refuted Una’s claims, pointing out the implausibility of her story given the crowded and well-lit environment of the venue.

“If she claimed that people were throwing things at her multiple times, how is it that no one saw that?”


Replying to @professional armpit lover 🙂 Lies over lies, still no apology to the mistakes. I have not nothing to say anymore.

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In a recent development, it has been revealed that Una has extended an apology to Sim via Instagram direct message.

Sim addressed the ongoing situation regarding Una’s apology, stating, “I’d like to clear the air with everyone that Una has already apologized to my DM.”

In her message, Una expressed deep remorse for her actions, stating, “Hi, sorry I just knew your IG handle. I want to say that I’m really sorry that I got emotional and spit on you.”

Una clarified that she did not intend to cut the queue but was waiting for her friend who was in the bathroom.

She pledged to learn from the incident and strive to become a better person

In response, Sim clarified that she doesn’t blame Una for cutting the queue, emphasizing that her concern lies with Una’s reaction and treatment of others.

Sim pointed out Una’s extensive follower base and popularity as an influencer, emphasizing that such behavior outside Indonesia would be disappointing for her followers.

Una, acknowledging potential language barriers, mentioned that her English proficiency might have caused misunderstandings.

She reiterated her apology, expressing a desire to resolve the issue, stating, “Once again, I’m really sorry, and we can stop this.”

Sim went on to express her decision to accept Una’s apology, indicating a willingness to afford her a second chance.

She emphasized the importance of refraining from sending insensitive hate comments or insults to Una.

“So please avoid sending insensitive hate comments to her and do not insult her,” Sim said.

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