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Iconic Singaporean actress Auntie Jingjing dies at 88

Renowned Singaporean actress Ng Suan Loi, Auntie Jingjing, passed away peacefully at 88. She starred in “Money No Enough 2,” “We Not Naughty 2,” and “Our Story,” showcasing her remarkable talent to audiences.



SINGAPORE: Renowned Singaporean actress Ng Suan Loi (黄碹蕊), affectionately known as Auntie Jingjing (晶晶阿嬷), has peacefully passed away at the age of 88.

Her familiar face graced several successful movies under the direction of Singaporean filmmaker Jack Neo.

Ng’s family announced her death in a Facebook post last Saturday (6 April).

According to the obituary, she passed away on 5 April.

She is survived by two sons, two daughters, their respective spouses, 11 grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

As reported by 8World News, Ng Jingjing earlier underwent a minor surgery due to spinal degeneration, and her health was generally good afterward.

However, around 11 pm on 4 April night, her domestic helper informed the family that Ng was experiencing severe asthma.

After spending a night in the emergency room, Ng Jingjing’s condition unexpectedly worsened and she peacefully passed away in the presence of her family.

Auntie Jingjing was born in Malaysia and married in Singapore at the age of 19.

In her youth, she worked various jobs to support her family, such as sewing clothes and selling goods in factory canteens.

Despite her interest in acting from a young age, she only joined an acting training class at the age of 60, and it was through a friend’s recommendation that she began appearing in advertisements and movies.

She was a dedicated actress, even during times of ill health while filming, she insisted on acting.

Despite her advanced age, she didn’t mind staying up late or spending long hours in the water for work.

Before her passing, she told her husband that she believed acting was a very happy thing as the work team would take meticulous care of her, jokingly saying, “I’m not as happy at home.”

She participated in multiple films directed by Jack Neo, including “Money No Enough 2 (钱不够用2),” “We Not Naughty 2 (小孩不笨2),” and “Our Story (我们的故事),” where audiences could witness her splendid performances.

Jack Neo told 8World News that everyone was very saddened upon hearing the news of Auntie Jingjing’s passing.

In Jack Neo’s impression, Auntie Jingjing was a very responsible actress.

“We collaborated several times, and each time she eagerly embraced participation in my movies.”

“Later, we extended invitations for her to act again, but she regretfully declined due to mobility issues. She expressed deep remorse for this.”

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