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Public outrage ensues as woman threatens to abandon dog due to overseas job

A Malaysian woman’s decision to abandon Teh, her dog, due to an overseas job sparks outrage. Despite pleas, Teh’s future remains uncertain. An animal rescue organization urgently seeks a forever home for the dog.



Public outrage ensues as woman threatens to abandon dog due to overseas job

MALAYSIA: A Malaysian woman recently sparked concern after threatening to abandon her adopted dog named Teh due to securing a job overseas.

The distressing ordeal of Teh was brought to light by Ruff Love Malaysia, an animal shelter, via an Instagram post on Tuesday (2 April).

Teh’s tragic saga began when she and her sister were found tied to a pole on the street.

Subsequently, Teh was adopted by the woman who later expressed her inability to care for the dog after a year of ownership, citing her overseas job as the reason.

Ruff Love Malaysia shared screenshots of their conversation with the owner, revealing her intention to relinquish Teh.

Despite the shelter’s explanation of space constraints preventing them from taking Teh back, the owner suggested leaving the dog by the roadside before her impending departure.

Efforts to dissuade the woman from abandoning Teh proved futile, leading the shelter to reluctantly accept Teh back into their care.

Regrettably, this traumatic ordeal took a toll on Teh’s well-being, as noted by the shelter.

Teh’s spirit noticeably diminished, and she developed skin issues upon her return, a condition she hadn’t suffered from previously.

Criticism mounts over the owner’s decision to abandon Teh

The decision made by Teh’s former owner has drawn widespread criticism from netizens.

One user expressed profound dismay, labelling the decision as “extremely heartless” and suggesting that individuals with such disregard for animals should not be entrusted with pet ownership privileges.


Another comment shared their own experience, highlighting responsible pet ownership practices.

The user recounted their decision to find temporary accommodation and a caretaker for their cat when relocating for a job in Singapore, emphasizing the importance of ensuring pets are well-cared for during transitions.


Furthermore, a user pointed out that abandoning Teh by the roadside was a drastic measure with numerous alternatives available.

Suggestions included seeking temporary foster care from friends, utilizing platforms like Petfinder to find a fosterer, or arranging accommodation in a pet hotel.

This user advocated for transparency, suggesting that the owner’s identity should be disclosed to prevent future adoptions.


Expressing empathy for Teh’s plight, another comment emphasized that Teh deserves better than an irresponsible owner.

The netizen expressed hope that Teh would find a forever home where she would not face abandonment again.

Teh comment

Echoing similar sentiments, another user expressed the wish for Teh to find loving and responsible guardians soon.

teh comment

The collective sentiment among netizens underscores the importance of compassionate and responsible pet ownership.

Appeal for assistance: Help find Teh a forever home

In light of Teh’s plight, Ruff Love Malaysia has appealed to the public for assistance in finding her a loving forever home.

The shelter noted that Teh is a delightful and well-trained dog, known for her cheerful demeanor and adaptability to apartment living.

“If you can open your heart and your home to Teh, please send us a message,” they said.

Teh has been spayed but requires vaccinations and ongoing treatment for her skin condition.

Donations towards Teh’s medical expenses and sustenance can be made to Maybank account number 1641 5561 3331.

The shelter emphasized the importance of responsible pet ownership, urging individuals to make appropriate arrangements for their pets before relocating or refrain from adoption altogether if unable to commit long-term.

“Animals have feelings, and it is unfair to leave them behind.”

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Malaysians will be Malaysians. Heartless and ignorant.

Humans seem to have more compassion for animals especially 4 legged ones
than towards other humans.

Misplaced emotions…but true

Someone should inform her overseas employer what their new employee just did to her dog.