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MOM: No advise to employer to terminate worker Uddin MD Sharif over harassment

Ministry of Manpower clarified they didn’t advise on firing Bangladeshi worker Sharif; the decision rested solely with the employer. Sharif, permitted to stay in Singapore during the harassment investigation, hopes for a future where migrant workers avoid such ordeal.



SINGAPORE: Earlier, Uddin MD Sharif, a Bangladeshi migrant worker and writer, disclosed that his employer had terminated him due to ongoing harassment and false accusations against him of owing money.

Despite both Mr Sharif and his employer filing multiple police reports regarding the harassment, he received a termination notice from the company stating that the decision was made under the advice of the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and the police, which left him feeling deeply betrayed.

MOM and Singapore Police Force (SPF) on Saturday (6 April) in a Facebook post clarified that they did not advice the company to terminate Mr Sharif, and Mr Sharif is allowed to remain in Singapore while the investigations are ongoing.

In its Facebook post, MOM clarified that the daughter of Mr Sharif’s employer had sought advice from Geylang Neighbourhood Police Centre on 9 March after receiving debtor’s notes and hell notes addressed to Mr Sharif at her residential address.

MOM revealed that a police oficer suggested “harassment might cease if worker left employer”

“In view of her concerns about the continued harassment at her home from unknown parties and the possible risks to her family’s safety, the on-duty officer said that the police would step up patrols around her home and alert her condominium’s security,” said MOM.

The MOM statement revealed that the officer, out of concern for her family’s and her well-being, also advised her generally that harassment would usually stop after the work pass of a foreign worker being harassed had been cancelled, and the worker no longer worked for the employer.

On 11 March, a representative of Mr Sharif’s employer contacted MOM with a general query on the cancellation of a worker’s work permit due to his alleged involvement in unlicensed moneylending activities, resulting in the employer facing harassment by unlicensed moneylenders.

MOM said the representative did not make any reference to Mr Sharif during the call, or elaborate on the details of the case.

“MOM did not advise the employer to terminate Mr Sharif’s employment. MOM informed the employer that should the company decide to terminate a work permit, it must notify the worker, settle outstanding salaries and bear the cost of repatriation. ”

On 11 March, Mr Sharif received a termination notice from his employer.

MOM said that on the same day, he also lodged a Police report on the alleged harassment by unlicensed moneylenders and said that he was a victim of harassment.

“The Police subsequently informed the daughter of Mr Sharif’s employer of this, and shared with her the possibility that Mr Sharif did not borrow from unlicensed moneylenders, ” explained MOM.

The statement also revealed that the police investigation into Mr Sharif’s case is ongoing as it has been classified as one of intentional harassment, under Section 3(2) of the Protection from Harassment Act 2014.

“The termination of Mr Sharif’s employment was a decision by his employer, ” asserted MOM.

“MOM and SPF have reached out to Mr Sharif to address his concerns and offer our assistance. Mr Sharif is allowed to remain in Singapore while the investigations are ongoing.”

Mr Sharif expressed gratitude to the Singaporean community

In response to MOM’s latest update, Mr Sharif expressed gratitude to the supportive Singaporean community in a video posted on Workers Make Possible (WMP) Instagram.

He shared that after widespread sharing of his video and petition, the Migrant Workers’ Center facilitated a meeting with MOM and the Police.

“They told me I will be able to stay in Singapore on Special Pass until the investigation is complete,” he shared the good news, and added that the authorities permitted him to seek temporary employment during this period.

Despite some progress, Mr Sharif remains uncertain about his future as his termination stands.

“I don’t know where I will stay or how I will survive after 12 April,” he anticipates the need to find new employment once the investigation concludes.

He hopes for a future where migrant workers won’t endure similar ordeals.

The scheduled public event at Palms Bistro on Saturday night, aimed at showing solidarity with Mr Sharif, also proceeded as planned. Attendees engaged in readings of passages from Sharif’s books shared messages of solidarity and reflected on the state of migrant workers’ rights in Singapore.

Mr Sharif, who has been contributing to Singapore’s construction, tunnelling, and piling sectors since 2008, is not only a dedicated worker but also a multifaceted individual.

Beyond his professional duties, Sharif is a poet and the author of two books: ‘Stranger to Myself‘ and ‘Stranger to My World’‘.

He is also a fervent advocate for migrant workers’ rights, striving to combat the pervasive notion of disposability that often plagues this community in Singapore.

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I guess….
They were pissed off by the man’s latest book, wanted to get rid of him by all means.
Now when their plan backfired, everybody is silent …
What a coward!!!!

Last edited 1 month ago by wee

Mom failed to protect locals from foreigners unfairly taking our jobs. Now, they failed to protect foreigners from from being unfairly treated. Really lousy ministry doing god knows what.

Of course MOM will be quiet about this. It back fired their plan. It bit them back when this guy opened his mouth about the negativity of this plan.

When MOM keep secrets as employment figures of locally borned citizens right from birth, not transplanted OR artificially created outside a mothers womb, which looks tho MOM do really believe in adults artificial insemination when ghost workers suddenly invaded by the 1000s via Changi, HOW TO HAVE ABSOLUTE trust in Tan S L? In this case when Tan’s credibility is MINUS ZERO readers CAN VOTE out the PAP this GE or else more FWs will be innocently ACCUSED, and true Sheeps reputation of a Clean Nationalist SG for SGpns is wiped off the map when the PAP Administration IS UTTERLY… Read more »

Any action or comment, referring and directly implicating a governmental agency, … especially if it’s in a negative and not so healthy light, will be strenuously and publicly denounced and denied !!! Sharif’s employer should’ve known better, … than to quote the almighty MOM, for their actions !!! MOM having “cleansed” themselves, and in turn, … have now placed Sharif’s bosses in the dock for “dishonesty and unfair dismissal” !!! The shit show continues, and let’s await the next chapter, … as to who said what and what was said or not said or suggested, … rather than actually stated… Read more »

Such is the “human resource” practices in Singapore. Not interested in “best practices” in other countries. Hiring arms & legs to do work here is nothing more than renting a machine. It does not matter if its from a foreign land or local. Employers advertise a wonderful environment to work in They promote “teamwork” They promote ” teamspirit” They promote ” shared visions” Sounds exactly like politicians yes..? But when its time to get rid of you, the tone changes dramatically. Its called free enterprise, market forces, business trends. Employers are not as human as slaves. Employers exploit Dont forget… Read more »

Come on, are Singaporeans borned yesterday? Keppel crimes investigations closed (CPIB gave reports of thorough investigations difficulties, which means?) technically yes, it was resolved and Parliament issued notice. LJ who the F is Parliament, judiciary or political?

But Sheeps with critical thinking unlike PAP blind followers willingly to be prostituted and eff by Millionaire Bastards, believed more than meets the eye when PAP politicians were involved behind the scenes. Who knows what.

Laws in SG are fluid it seems when operative in sensitive politically charged cases. Looks really too to casual observations.

Even b4 i read the whole article i guessed this FTrash was coming to SG..the country that welcomes the world’s most FTrash…
A supposedly 1stworld country filled with 3rd worlds people…

Three words since LKY time…just 3 words…
“Climate of Fear”
With that every Ah Seng, Muthu, Mohammad, Oliveiro etc all know “what to do!”
Remember before LKY kicked the bucket, he says the future team after him would still run without him as though it is on Auto pilot mode!
“Climate of Fear”!
Old fart had it all planned out!😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣

MOM has and continues to be pro-employer, hence allowing coys to massively import of foreign workers because these workers are easier to control/bully, while MOM benefits from the foreign levy. If Singaporean, employer can have such no-question-asked hire-and fire practice, meh?

Anyway, which condominium does the employer’s daughter stayed in? Security so lousy, hor? Maybe staffed by foreign talents? Vicious cycle, hor?

“MOM did not advise the employer to terminate Mr Sharif’s employment. MOM informed the employer that should the company decide to terminate a work permit, it must notify the worker, settle outstanding salaries and bear the cost of repatriation. ” Standard response from MoM. Who is supposed to cancel work permits..?? Employer? MoM..? Police..?? If Migrant Worker Centre did not intervene, he will be sent off..?? Employer just terminate employment and shut the door..? Not human. Employers are not human. Without MWC, foreign workers are left to rot. Convenient, easy, cheap… wash hands… This not right. Many cases have gone… Read more »