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Travel vlogger says Singapore is a ‘boring’ country, sparks debate

Debate erupted when a travel influencer described Singapore as ‘boring’ and ‘not beautiful’ in an Instagram post. While some defended her right to express her opinion, others suggested she explore the city’s diverse nature offerings.



Travel influencer sparks debate with candid critique of Singapore's aesthetic appeal

SINGAPORE: A recent Instagram post by travel influencer “Nina” has stirred controversy as she shared her candid reasons for never wanting to visit Singapore again.

Despite its renowned cleanliness, Nina argued that Singapore lacked aesthetic appeal, labelling it as “not a beautiful country” in her eyes.

Her critique extended to the perceived monotony of the city-state, sparking both agreement and dissent among online communities.

Nina’s remarks, posted on 28 March alongside an image of herself at the iconic Merlion statue, highlighted her disappointment with Singapore’s urban landscape.

In her video caption, Nina bluntly stated, “I would never travel again to… Singapore.”

Despite acknowledging its cleanliness, she lamented the absence of what she deemed “real nature.”

“I found it very boring there, the most boring country where I was,” she said.

Her critique also touched on the city’s congested streets and towering skyscrapers, factors she felt contributed to her perception of boredom.

The controversy didn’t stop there, as Nina also criticized the cost of living in Singapore, expressing gratitude for alternatives like couch-surfing to mitigate expenses.

She concluded her assessment with a less-than-flattering evaluation of Singaporean cuisine, suggesting that the quality didn’t justify the price.

“It wasn’t even delicious for the price.”

Users defend Singapore’s charm and culture

While some netizens defended Nina’s right to her opinion, others vehemently disagreed, praising Singapore’s unique charm and cultural offerings.

One user dismissed the notion of visiting Singapore for its nature, likening it to grocery shopping at a shoe store, emphasizing the city’s urban character over natural landscapes.


Another user countered Nina’s complaint about traffic, highlighting the relative quietness of Singapore compared to other large cities and inviting her to explore the diverse cultural offerings and culinary delights instead.


In contrast, a different user who claimed to have lived in Singapore for two years challenged Nina’s assessment, asserting that she only experienced the typical tourist routes.

They extolled the city’s diverse array of attractions, from futuristic skyscrapers to historic shophouses and nature reserves, suggesting that Nina failed to delve into the true essence of Singaporean life.

comment Singapore

One user defends Nina’s perspective, while others offer alternative destinations

In response to the debate sparked by Nina’s critique, one user defended her right to express her opinion, emphasizing that liking or disliking a travel experience is subjective and part of the vacationing process.

The user highlighted the importance of experiencing a country’s life, culture, and scenery, acknowledging that everyone has different expectations.


Nina responded to the comment, clarifying that while she didn’t hate Singapore, it simply didn’t resonate with her as a personal preference, asserting, “it’s just not my country.”


Offering suggestions to enhance Nina’s experience, some users recommended alternative destinations within Singapore.

One user suggested exploring the islands or Sentosa for a more nature-oriented experience.

Alternatively, the comment suggested visiting one of Singapore’s nature reserves for a closer connection with the environment.

comment singapore

Another user, a well-known Singapore FDJ, proposed Indonesia and Malaysia as alternative destinations for experiencing natural landscapes, implying that these countries might better align with Nina’s preferences for nature-focused experiences.

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Singapore maybe designed to be a fake city but a real country. Many of the plans are to allowed the rich to pretend to be poor who did not mind living in an artificial world. In a moment these guys can be a street performer begging for cash and free meal and In the next moment, he enjoy cigar and finest wine in their private condos. It is instinct for survival of a tiny city. Don’t blame sg.

Very simple…don’t like don’t come.
By you bringing your smelly ass here also won’t improve your life or ours let alone write and humiliate us. Go back to the shit hole you came from and stay there.
At the end of the day, it’s our homeland and we grew up here fine without your presence.

Please don’t come ok!

Please tell us something we dont already know.
Anyway to each his own.
As the saying goes “one man’s meat is another man’s poison”.

It’s fairly true that our structures cannot be compared to the architectural buildings in Europe. Say if you think of the roman colosseum, we have two sides of a metal durian in the middle of town. 

So is Shamni gonna to hit her with FICA?

SillyPore’s fine, … for those who love shopping, eating and visiting man~made structures, man~made gardens and man~made airports !!!

Plus, all of thee above, will cost you a pretty penny too, cos, … the island state just so happen to be the “most expensive city on planet earth” !!!

I would agree with jessie, … a 24 hr stopover is sufficient to surmise that “excitement” will not be one of the reasons for coming to the red dot !!!

The “butthurt” in the selected comments is hilarious. Who expects “nature” in Singapore? Everyone, because that is what is in ruling government propaganda. What was it again? “A City in Nature.” Someone has not been keeping up. The one that talks about “traffic.” Yes, Singapore has so little traffic, that’s why the PIE was expanded to 12-lanes (Add up the lanes for both directions) in some places. Wow, there’s so little traffic that the ruling government is constantly upgrading and adding new road infrastructure. Huh? This one likely lives in a cave. The 3rd comments talk about street food. Huh?… Read more »

She left out the enormous construction, the ugly, awful and noisy road works that are continuous. I think she was being kind. Singapore from sea during the day is a mass of concrete. At night is a prettier lighted concrete. One day stay is more than enough.

Apparently she didn’t read the first rule of the pappies for media usage: Report only the good stuff.

We should extend the No Blaming Culture for her opinions/personal preferences/mistakes, hor. (Or that only reserved for the pappies?)

Why didnt reveal her nationality…
Most influencers are pests!

This is a city..what was she expecting? Countryside? Sound s like she did not do her research before landing on one of asia s most congested and most expensive city ..
Ms Sour Grapes didnt get what she paid for?

Finally someone has the honesty and it is published..

It is also the truth.
It is as boring as listening to PAP accuse opposition of not offering alternatives.
It is as boring as reading a POFMA directive.

It’s like natural beauty and cosmetic/plastic beauty. There is nothing really natural about this small city state because almost everything is manufactured appeal subjected to destruction or “upgrading” as it progresses.
The “upgrade” is where the money/purpose is for the elites. So either you are the type who have always been accustomed to or impressed by gloss and shining stuff or the type looking for depth, substance or soul, the city is not for the latter.