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8 Singaporeans among 71 foreigners rescued in Hualien earthquake

Eight Singaporeans trapped in Taiwan due to the Hualien earthquake were rescued by Taiwanese authorities. Among 71 foreigners affected, these individuals were successfully evacuated, as confirmed by Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



TAIWAN: Taiwanese authorities successfully rescued eight Singaporeans who were trapped in Taiwan due to the Hualien earthquake, according to a statement from Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to local media on Thursday (4 April).

These individuals were part of a group of 71 foreigners caught in the aftermath of the earthquake.

As of 4:30 pm local time, three foreigners, including one Canadian and two Australians, remain missing, as confirmed by the ministry.

Among the 71 foreign nationals rescued, there were six from the U.K., seven from the U.S., two from Australia, four from Israel, three from France, three from Canada, seven from Switzerland, two from Portugal, four from the Netherlands, and the remaining 25 from Germany.

Singaporean authorities confirmed on Wednesday night that no Singaporeans were injured in the incident.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) expressed its condolences to those affected by the earthquake and is providing necessary consular assistance to registered Singaporeans in Taiwan.

Given the possibility of aftershocks, Singaporeans in Taiwan are advised by the ministry to remain vigilant, take necessary precautions for their safety, and follow local authorities’ instructions.

Magnitude 7.2 earthquake in eastern Taiwan leaves over a thousand injured, 10 dead

The 7.2 magnitude earthquake, a seismic event unparalleled in Taiwan for 25 years, tragically claimed the lives of 10 individuals and left over 1,000 others injured.

Striking in the early hours of 3 April, the earthquake caught residents off guard as they went about their morning routines.

Hualien County, known for its picturesque rural landscapes and sparse population, bore the full force of the earthquake’s impact.

Despite tremors reaching as far as Taipei, the capital city remained relatively unscathed, experiencing minimal damage and disruption.

According to the most recent data from the Central Emergency Operation Center, the total number of reported disasters nationwide has surged to 2,523 cases.

The top three counties and cities affected include New Taipei City, with 297 cases, Taipei City, with 277 cases, and Hualien County, with 235 cases.

The powerful earthquake left 705 individuals trapped and 11 people still missing across the country as of 9:40 pm on 4 April.

The most recent fatality occurred when a 65-year-old man was struck by falling rocks while hiking on the Xiaozhuilu Trail in Hualien County.

Among the nine other fatalities were a technician struck by falling rocks on a section of Provincial Highway No. 8, a driver hit by similar debris on another section of the same highway, and three hikers on the Dekalun Trail in Hualien County.

Additionally, one person perished in a quarry, another at the Daqingshui Recreation Area along Provincial Highway No. 9, and one more in Hualien City after reentering a partially collapsed building in an attempt to rescue her pet cat.

In a post published on the official Taiwan Ministry of National Defense X account, authorities declared that the “R.O.C Armed Forces will not rest until everyone is safe,” expressing gratitude to all parties for their support.

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Lucky to experience earthquake & come out alive. Nice.
New Jack Neo movie—Lucky 8.