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YouTuber’s critique of the Singaporean local brewery draws mixed responses

YouTuber James Marshall recently posted a video detailing his negative experience at Pink Blossoms Brewing in Singapore. The critique sparked online debate, with some defending the brewery while others sided with Marshall’s grievances.



SINGAPORE: A YouTuber specializing in alcohol reviews, James Marshall, known as RampantLionReviews on YouTube, recently posted a video detailing his negative experience at Pink Blossoms Brewing, a local brewery in Singapore.

Marshall, who typically maintains a positive tone on his channel, expressed frustration in a Facebook post promoting the video, stating that in his 11 years of reviewing, this was the first time he found it impossible to do so.

In the 20-minute video titled “RampantLionReviews: Don’t Visit Pink Blossoms Brewing”, Marshall recounted his visit to the brewery during a trip to Singapore.

Expressing his eagerness to support local breweries, particularly given the limited availability of Singaporean beers abroad, Marshall articulated his enthusiasm for visiting brewery taprooms and creating promotional videos during his first visit to Singapore.

During his visit to Pink Blossoms Brewing on Thursday (28 Mar), Marshall found only a handful of patrons inside, including the owner, who was dining on a meal from McDonald’s at the time.

However, upon attempting to pay for his drinks, Marshall encountered difficulties as the establishment did not accept card transactions.

After resolving the payment issue, Marshall proceeded to explain his intentions to film content for his YouTube channel, focusing on promoting craft beer.

He expressed his desire to showcase the bar, its merchandise, the selection of beers on tap, and conduct beer tastings.

Despite the owner’s initial discomfort with impromptu social media coverage, he ultimately allowed Marshall to proceed, stating, “I really don’t feel comfortable with the impromptu things on social media, and I won’t stop you; it’s a free country.”

However, as Marshall began filming, the owner grew increasingly uneasy and later confronted him, expressing discomfort with the filming.

Despite the owner’s objections, Marshall continued filming briefly, prompting further confrontation.

“I told you I was uncomfortable with it and you filmed a bit anyway, what is the point in you even asking for permission?” Marshall recalled the owner’s reaction.

The owner accused Marshall of having an entitled attitude and warned of potential health code violations due to his filming.

Citing negative reviews and an unsatisfactory experience, Marshall warned the owner of the consequences of his behavior on business and ultimately left the establishment.

“You’re gonna lose business if you behave like this,” Marshall said.

“All I can say to Pink Blossom’s Brewing Company is good luck because you’re gonna need it if you treat customers like that,” he added.

“You are certainly going to need all the luck you can get.”

Netizens share negative experiences at Pink Blossoms Brewing

Following the incident, Marshall shared the uploaded video on the Craft Beer Lovers (Singapore) Facebook page, where it garnered mixed reactions.

Some netizens agreed with James and shared that they too had negative experiences at Pink Blossoms Brewing.

One user recounted how they transitioned from being a weekly regular to being expelled by the owner after assigning one of their stouts a 3.5 rating on Untappd, a website and application used for socially sharing the beer one is currently enjoying, along with its location.

comment pink blossom brewing

Another user expressed similar sentiments, stating they ceased visiting Pink Blossoms due to poor customer service and perceived profit-driven motives.

comment pink blossom brewing

Adding to the chorus of dissatisfaction, another user recalled their own negative encounter at Pink Blossoms.

They described the owner as consistently rude, recounting an incident where they attempted to purchase cans for a tasting session with friends.

When the owner learned of their intention to rate the beers, they refused to sell any cans, citing a dislike for beer raters.

Despite this, the user mentioned returning to Pink Blossoms solely for the quality of the beer, avoiding interaction with the owner whenever possible.

comment pink blossom brewing

Netizens defend brewery against YouTuber’s critique

However, many others jumped to the brewery’s defense and directed their criticism towards Marshall.

One netizen commented that Pink Blossom Brewing is one of the best local craft beer places in Singapore and it’s unfortunate that Marshall didn’t get to sample their offerings.

The user emphasized the importance of respecting someone’s discomfort with social media and suggested refraining from filming in such situations.


Another netizen expressed a similar sentiment, stating, “I’m not a big fan of how PB does certain things, but you were obviously in the wrong here.”

They highlighted the importance of respecting the norms of different establishments and individuals as a customer.


Adding to the discussion, another user acknowledged the owner’s lack of public relations skills but criticized Marshall for coming across as entitled and disrespectful.

The user noted that the owner clearly expressed discomfort and provided reasoning when Marshall asked for the second time and pressed the issue.


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Most influencers are pests..
Businesses dislike them.
At least in this story they paid for their drinks…
They should have asked permission first!
Dont blame the owner for being annoyed..he may have had his share of such annoyances!