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Singapore Food Agency suspends license of Tuk Tuk Cha over cockroach infestation

Tuk Tuk Cha in Jurong Point suspended for 2 weeks due to cockroaches. SFA fines café $800, mandates food safety training for staff. Previous cases in mall raise food safety concerns.



The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has announced a two-week suspension of the license of the popular Thai cafe, Tuk Tuk Cha, located in Jurong Point Mall, effective from 2 April to 15 April 2024, due to a severe cockroach infestation.

This decisive action follows the discovery of multiple health and safety violations at the Jurong West eatery, resulting in the accumulation of 12 demerit points within a year, and a fine totaling $800 for two infractions related to maintaining a pest-free environment.

Reports from The Straits Times highlighted the presence of cockroaches in the cafe, prompting the SFA to mandate all food handlers at the affected premises to re-attend and successfully pass the Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) Food Safety Course Level 1 prior to resuming their duties.

Furthermore, the SFA requires that all food hygiene officers employed at Tuk Tuk Cha re-take and pass the WSQ Food Safety Course Level 3, ensuring a comprehensive approach to reinstating hygiene standards.

In a statement, the SFA emphasized its stringent stance on food safety violations, reminding all food operators of the critical importance of adhering to high standards of food and personal hygiene. The authority has warned that it will take robust action against any establishments found in breach of the Environmental Public Health Act.

The public is urged to report unsanitary practices in food establishments through the SFA’s online feedback form or by contacting its Call Centre. This measure aims to safeguard consumer health and ensure the integrity of Singapore’s food industry.

A visit by Gutzy’s correspondent to Tuk Tuk Cha revealed a notice stating the closure was “temporarily due to upgrading works,” a message that masks the underlying health concerns leading to the suspension.

This incident follows a similar situation in December of the previous year when Ya Kun Family Cafe and King of Prawn Noodles, also located within Jurong Point shopping mall, faced two-week suspensions for food hygiene issues.

Each establishment was fined $800 after accruing 12 demerit points over 12 months for failing to prevent infestations, highlighting a recurring issue within the mall’s food outlets.

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Guess a FT driven labor force in the F&B sectors …does have its consequences, with a profit driven mindset from such Bosses!
Anyway, since the locals HAD VOTED FOR THIS, going to the hospital for food posioning, should also be included into the election manifesto!😆😆😆😆