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Chan Chun Sing: Government discourages school retakes for A-Level exams

Responding to queries from WP MP Dennis Tan, Education Minister Chan Chun Sing states the government discourages A-Level exam retakes in schools, advocating for alternative education and upskilling paths.



During a recent parliamentary session, the issue of retaking the GCE A-Level examinations was addressed following inquiries by Mr Dennis Tan Lip Fong, a Workers’ Party Member of Parliament for Hougang SMC.

Mr Tan questioned the Minister for Education, Chan Chun Sing, on the possibility for students who have passed their A-Level examinations but with unsatisfactory grades to retake the exams as school candidates. Additionally, he asked whether specific pre-university institutions could be designated for such retakes and if the Edusave account could be expanded to fund the retaking of these national examinations.

In response, Minister Chan Chun Sing stated, “We do not encourage students who have passed their A-Level examination to retake the examination in schools.”

He elaborated on the reasoning behind this stance, emphasizing the array of post-examination opportunities available to students: “After passing the A-Level examination, the students would already have a range of options in tertiary education, such as to courses in Autonomous Universities, as well as in Polytechnics, where they can be granted module exemptions.”

Mr Chan also highlighted the potential for workforce entrants to enhance their qualifications through “Continuing Education and Training programmes which are heavily subsidised.”

For students who still wish to retake their A-Level exams as private candidates and require financial assistance, Minister Chan advised, “If a student wishes to retake the A-Level examination as a private candidate and requires financial support, he or she can approach the Social Service Office or other community organisations to explore if assistance can be offered.”

For recently released 2023 GCE A-Level examination results, the Ministry of Education (MOE) and Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) reported that out of 10,899 candidates, 10,238, or about 93.9%, achieved at least three Higher 2 (H2) passes, with a pass in General Paper or Knowledge and Inquiry.

The MOE and SEAB noted, “This is comparable to the performance of candidates for the GCE A-Level Examination in previous years.”

The 2022 examinations had seen a similar success rate of approximately 93.5%.

In the admissions process for the National University of Singapore, applicants’ eligibility for undergraduate programs is assessed based on their academic performance in four content subjects. This includes three subjects at the Higher 2 (H2) level and one subject at the Higher 1 (H1) level, covering content-based disciplines.

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those that cannot study and are willing to open legs or lan jiao , chee bye can join me and family for the trade…rotten ones also can.

A levels subjects and range offered here is for the sole purpose of filtering students into academia. It is not a measure of intelligence. Polytechnics must offer a wider range of skills and universities offer another method to allow students to acquire deeper knowledge. Once a young person (18 and above) leaves the education system and go into employment, there will be no time for them to acquire a degree. With national conscription, it complicates this path more. More employers should open themselves up for internships. But not to get free or cheap labour to perform menial tasks. The entire… Read more »

Might as well don’t retake A level or even go to their Uni for locals…locals re-skill to construction workers, garbage collector, toilet cleaner loh.
Afterall, with 94.5% of jobs going to foreigners in 2023…..WHAT’S THERE LEFT FOR THE LOCALS?😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣

CCS is not suited for the education Ministry. He should be removed. He is advocating the path the children must take without considering the interest of each child. The decision to allow any child to retake an examination should be made at the school level between the parents and the school. It cannot be made at Ministry level. A child may have a passion for a certain vocation but did not do well enough in the exams., why should he be denied a second try in the same school? There is an urgent need to replace CCS in the interest… Read more »

He is right! Why the need to study when jobs abound in this land. Grab is the best job for such idiots. Any how.. able jobs are mainly for the FTs whom are clever, smart and highly educated.

Government should also discourage retakes for PSLE. Even more importantly, they should STRONGLY discourage PAP candidates who lose their elections from participating in future elections 🙂

Similar to the supreme leader, … not discouraging those who chose to wear masks !!!

I’m certain many have singaporelarly forgotten about that monumental f**k up !!!

What a pathetic response from a previous red hot candidate for the pm seat !!!

Whatever happened to committed and continued self improvement !!!