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Israeli man arrested with six guns in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysian Police detained a 36-year-old Israeli man in KL with six firearms and 200 bullets. The police chief said investigations are centered on the suspicion of the suspect being an Israeli intelligence agent.



KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Police apprehended a 36-year-old Israeli man at a hotel located on Jalan Ampang in Kuala Lumpur.

During the operation, they confiscated six firearms and 200 bullets from his possession.

Police Chief Tan Sri Razarudin Husain, stated that during the interrogation, the suspect claimed to have entered the country using a French passport.

However, he stated that the suspect later produced another passport indicating his Israeli citizenship, as reported by Malaysian media Sinar Harian.

“During the inspection, the Criminal Investigation Department (JSJ) of Bukit Aman confiscated six firearms along with 200 rounds of ammunition from the hotel room.

“During the interrogation, the police found that the suspect entered Malaysia on 12 March via Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) using a French passport,” he said in a press conference on Friday (29 March).

Razarudin stated that the inspection in the hotel room uncovered firearms such as Glock 19 Marine, Glock 17 Gen 4, Smith and Wesson, Sih Sauer, and Stoeger, along with ammunition stored in a bag.

He stated that investigations revealed that all the aforementioned weapons were purchased by the suspect upon his arrival in the country using cryptocurrency.

He clarified that the payment for the purchased weapons remains undisclosed, including the identity of the recipient for the transaction.

“Investigations by the Criminal Investigation Department of Bukit Aman into the suspect revealed that he came to this country to seek out an individual, also a citizen of his country, to be killed in relation to a family issue.

“However, we are still conducting investigations and it is possible that the suspect may have other agendas for coming to this country,” he said.

He stated that the police believe the suspect did not act alone and likely has connections with certain individuals who have yet to be identified.

“He entered the country by flight via the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to Malaysia,” he explained.

Razarudin mentioned that the suspect is also believed to have moved around frequently and stayed in two or three different hotels before being apprehended.

“At first, we received dubious public information about his movements before we tracked and acted to apprehend the suspect,” he said.

When asked if the man in question is an Israeli agent, Razarudin said that investigations are still ongoing.

“We are investigating in that direction,” he said briefly, adding that the suspect has been remanded since Wednesday until 31 March.

The police chief said the case has placed the Royal Malaysia Police on high alert.

“Given the situation in Palestine and Israel, we must exercise caution regarding security. This pertains to safeguarding His Majesty Sultan Ibrahim, the King of Malaysia, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, and other dignitaries,” he emphasized.


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I am more alarmed that Malaysia has such porous borders to allow individuals to purchase firearms and ammunition.

With such widespread availability, you might as well make basic firearms legal.

Though I wonder who normally gets all of the firearms available on the black market?

Perhaps a Malayan Emergency 2.0 is brewing in the shadows.

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6 guns 200++ bullets.
Wonder in Gaza which religion Jews choose to eliminate?!
Guess Israel will give Malaysia lots of money to free THIS JEWS!

Why would a person need 6 guns. He got only 2 hands.
He going to kill werewolf is it???

How he caught? People betray him. Stupid he trust. Go Malaysia to kill enemy. Very champion. He Israel. Got big problem.

US quietly transfers hundreds of 2,000lb bombs to Israel despite Rafah invasion concerns! who’s behind the rapid horrendous killings .. genocide have been done with no name taken

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maybe he’s there looking for jessie chee bye which he will be surely disappoint/

The more interesting question is how did he manage to get 6 guns and 200 bullets through customs. Surely he didn’t hide all that in his backside …

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One passport says French, the another says Israeli. So how did the author of this article and TOC concluded that he is Israeli, and not French? Ppl of his trade, buying 6 guns, travelling with multi-passports, do you think he would carry his actual Country-of-birth passport with him???